We have set up a page with the latest in Mission U-Too’s Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts. Please check there for the most up-to-date information regarding the needs we have as we kick it into high gear to serve our neighbors affected by flooding and other devastation from Harvey.

Mission U-Too is working on assessing the situation and preparing to jump in where we can. Right now, we have a small team providing food and a listening ear at the Smithville shelter for those who have been evacuated in the Bastrop area. We will continue to provide support as long as it is needed. As for other areas, we will continue to monitor where we might be needed, but right now everyone’s safety is a priority.

Currently, the biggest need is for donations. Please consider giving to help Mission U-Too serve those affected by this disaster. Click on the button above to give today.


With 31 counties in Texas declared a state of disaster, the need to provide disaster relief is overwhelming. However, we are hearing of huge needs in small towns where poverty is high and resources are limited. With how widespread the flooding is there is little focus on these areas and they need our prayers and support.

Mission U-Too has decided to send a team down to the Wharton, Texas area through the weekend and possibly longer. This town is located on the Colorado river and many areas of the town have been underwater for days.

Your prayers and financial support are very needed at this time. Pray for the flood victims, city leadership, and our team as they serve this small town. And pray about giving to help serve the many people who have been affected by this widespread flood.

We could also use more volunteers through the weekend. If you are interested in heading down to Wharton to help below are the details of where we will be.


Just Do It, Faith Recovery Center located at 1619 Martin Luther King Blvd, Wharton, TX 77488


This Friday, Saturday, Sunday (June 3-5, 2016) morning meet at 8:00 AM at Creekside Christian Fellowship located at 16628 TX-36, Needville, TX 77461 for a daily debrief.


We will be serving hot lunch and dinner each day to the impacted community. Please wear a hat, good shoes as there will be little to no sitting, and remember sunscreen and bug spray to keep yourself as comfortable as possible.

For more information please contact Christine Farquhar at 979-583-8612.

Houston has been hit hard with flooding from the recent rains we received in Texas. Several people have died and there have been over 1,200 rescues to residents in the area. And more rain is in the forecast.

Mission U-Too is currently sending a small team to assess the situation to see how we can best help feed people physical and spiritually. Our goal is to set up somewhere locally to provide a hot meal and listening ear to those in this community that have been devastated by this flooding.

Please keep our team and the flood victims in your prayers. Your donations are also appreciated as well as we prepare to serve those in need.


In the Cypress area of Houston, many of the roads are still under water and the only way some residents can get in and out of the neighborhoods is by boat.

School has been out all week and many of the kids that attend schools in the area rely on school lunches for meals each week. That means that many of them have not eaten as much as they usually do, so we want to be sure to provide them and their families a hot meal today.

Volunteers are need to help serve, both locally and from out of town. Below is the information of where we will be set up this weekend. We’d love for you to come by and serve. Also at this time, donations are still very needed. Simply click the donate button below to give today.

Volunteer Information:
  • Friday, April 22 – Mission U-Too will be serving from 3:00pm until dark (around 8:00pm) at Millsap Elementary School located at 12424 Huffmeister Rd, Cypress, TX 77429. Volunteers are needed starting at 2:00 pm.
  • Saturday & Sunday, April 23-24  – We will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Cypress United Methodist Church (CUMC) located at 13403 Cypress N Houston Rd, Cypress, TX 77429. For these two days volunteers may show up here between the hours of 8:00am until dark.

Please contact Jason Bray at 214-236-4446 for more information.

This holiday weekend an unlikely tornado touched down near the Dallas area in Garland and Rowlett, Texas damaging an estimated 2,000 homes and buildings. Thousands of people are displaced and many are mourning the loss of loved ones and homes destroyed in these devastating tornadoes.

A Mission U-Too team is on their way up to the area to see how we can serve those hurting and trying to figure out their next steps. Disasters are always hard to go through, but it’s especially challenging when walking through one during the holidays.

How You Can Help

The biggest need is for donations. We will be providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner and want to make sure we have enough food for anyone who stops by for a meal. Your financial support is critical so we can serve as many people as possible.

Prayer is another huge need. Pray for the victims who are struggling to make sense of what just happened, for those who lost loved ones, and for safety and wisdom for our team and first responders.

We will keep you updated on Facebook with more details about where we will be serving and other immediate needs we may have. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer form below and we will be in touch with you. We greatly appreciate your prayers and support.

Remember if you give by December 31, you’ll receive a 2015 tax deduction. Read more

We need your help.

It has been a long tough few weeks in Bastrop County with the recent fires in Smithville and now flooding throughout Bastrop County for the second time this year. As a result there are many people displaced and in need of a helping hand to get back on their feet.

Mission U-Too has been out supporting our community by cooking nonstop since the fires broke out last month. But right now this community desperately needs volunteers that are willing to show up and let God use them in the first stage of clean up from these fires and floods.

Samaritan’s Purse is helping coordinate these efforts for our community, and now more than ever your help is needed to bring aid to many people lost and hurting.

Click the button below for more details and to sign up to help.

It’s been a tough month for the Central Texas area with the Hidden Pines fires near Smithville and the most recent flooding in the Austin area. Bastrop County has been hit three times this year alone with natural disasters that have left many people displaced and left to sort through the damage.

Now that the fires and floods have subsided the hard part begins. The cleanup. Several organizations are on the ground coordinating the actual cleanup, and Mission U-Too has been asked to serve food to the volunteers and families who lost their homes. Also as the news media covers the fires and flooding less and less, volunteers on the ground decreases, but the need stays the same.


Mission U-Too is committed to providing disaster relief efforts, first in our own communities and then to communities where we are called to go serve. Right now we are coordinating efforts in Smithville throughout the fire cleanup, Bastrop throughout the flood cleanup, and now in Onion Creek in southeast Austin to help with flooding relief efforts. And we need your help.

The most critical need is for donations. So far we have served over 7,000 meals and over the next few weeks we will serve many more. But in order to continue, we need your financial support to make sure we have enough food for anyone who comes for a meal. Click here to donate today.

We also need volunteers to help us over the next few days in Onion Creek. We served there a couple years ago when this area was devastated by floods, and we were asked by the fire chief to come back and serve as this community struggles with round two of flooding. We will be out there all day Wednesday and Thursday this week and need volunteers to help cook, serve, and lend a listening ear.

If you are able to come out this week, please fill out this volunteer registration form so we can best coordinate these efforts.

Thank you for continuing to lift those affected by the fires and floods in your prayers. Cleanup is a long road and can be very difficult physically and emotionally for all of those involved. Thank you also for praying for Mission U-Too as we are sent out to these locations.

Since Thursday, Mission U-Too has served over 700 meals each day to victims, evacuees, volunteers, and first responders from the Hidden Pines Fire in Bastrop County.

Every day we have served breakfast, lunch, and dinner to anyone who needs a meal. We’ve also sent volunteers to deliver food to local hotels where evacuees and victims have been staying.

There are many hurting and anxious people who are unsure what to expect, not knowing if they lost their home or wondering if anything is salvageable from the fire damage. It is a confusing and difficult time, and our team has been there to lend a listening ear to anyone who needs it.


We plan to continue serving at the Smithville Rec Center through Wednesday, with the possibility of continuing to serve even more in the days following as well.

Right now donations are critical. When we first set up to serve we had much of the food donated from various local sources, but now Mission U-Too is completely covering all the food costs. And we don’t want to run out of food.

To give, simply click here and make your donation today. Your financial support is greatly needed and appreciated.

We also need more volunteers to serve. If you are able to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer form below and let us know what times you are available. That way we will be able to better schedule and serve our community well in the following days.

And, of course, continue to pray for the victims and evacuees as they struggle to make sense of everything, for the volunteers as they serve the community, and for protection and wisdom for the first responders as they fight this fire.

Thank you so much for the outpouring of support you have already shown, we really couldn’t be doing what we are doing without you.

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Update: It’s been a few days since we have been serving, and we could still use your help. Click here for more information.

As the governor declares Bastrop County in a state of disaster, the Mission U-Too team is setting up to serve in one of their very own communities. This is our home and these are our neighbors, and we can’t think of any place we’d rather be serving right now, especially because this isn’t the first time we have done this right here in Bastrop County.

Right now we are setting up at the northeast corner of the Smithville Recreation Center serving food to first responders. Our plan is to be out here as long as we are needed, serving food and lending a listening ear to anyone who needs it. But in order to serve well, we need your help!

Here are some ways you can help serve first responders, evacuees, and victims of the 2015 Bastrop County fire.

Donations – We need your financial support to cover costs of food and other expenses for our team while we serve. Since we plan to be here into next week we definitely could use your support. Click here to make a donation today.

Volunteer – Not only do we need your financial support, we need people to help serve. We are looking for people to help cook food and volunteers to deliver the food to those who need it, especially those with larger vehicles like SUVs or vans. Either just show up at the Smithville Recreation Center located at 106 Royston St, Smithville, TX 78957 or contact Jason Bray at 214.236.4446 or Jonah Beyer at 512.988.8365 if you have any questions about volunteering.

Prayer – Pray, pray, pray…we need you to pray for the firefighters and other first responders for their safety as they battle the fire, that there is minimum damage to homes and businesses, as well as for the families either evacuated or victims of the fire. Also pray for Mission U-Too and the leadership that God would use us to share His love.

Thank you for sharing and for your support through donations, volunteering, and prayer, we appreciate all of you who support what God is doing through Mission U-Too!

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by Christine Farquhar, Mission U-Too Bastrop North Site Coordinator & Donor Relations/Administrative Assistant

A few weeks ago we sent a team to Van, Texas to serve the 50-100 families that were displaced by a devastating tornado, as well as the many volunteers who showed up to help. These are a few of the stories from the people we met, and how we were individually impacted from serving there.

Laura said that she has been really impacted because she saw how the community very much appreciated a hot meal. Especially the ones who lost everything. Laura said she knew her calling was to come serve instead of proceeding with her other weekend plans. She said that she believes this has changed her more than the people she served, and that it was an honor to serve.

Joan and her son lost everything, and were able to provide them hot meals all week. She said, Mission U-Too helped her to focus on taking care of finding another place to live without the financial burden of food. She was very grateful that we also fed the volunteers by delivering meals as well.

Our team was able to pray for Brett and grandchild who was in hospital with jaundice. We were there to lend a listening ear and encourage him as they dealt with the disaster and for the baby’s health.

Wendy recently lost her job and her financial aid, but came out to volunteer and helped provide the supplies needed out of the trailer. She was overjoyed to see how we were able to provide for the community and bring unity to the body of Christ. Having the opportunity to go out and serve and pray was very impactful for her, as well as being able to make people aware of resources and serve them as much as they needed. She was excited to be able to provide for a family that had no car. She said this is what she needed, that it was amazing to watch God multiply the food which increased her faith and lit her fire again.

Dakota came to Texas because his mother wanted him to get into a restoration home because of drugs and alcohol. He was struggling to feel welcome at this restoration home. We spent a lot of time with him and just rained down love on him. We shared the love of Jesus and provided transportation to get where he needed to go. DeAnnah, Our site coordinator from Grand Saline was able to share her testimony with him. He felt more love from us than he had with the ministries he was in and left with the feeling of desiring what DeAnnah had.

As one of the leaders at Mission U-Too, it was amazing to watch a team come together and serve with Mission U-Too within the community and serve with passion and authority under Chad’s leadership. Chad was prayed over by Billy Graham’s ministry, and they said that they could see God in his face and that where ever he goes he will prosper because be has God. The people of Van have said that God is definitely using him and has designed him to lead others in the area of disaster relief.

You never know what someone is going through when they get that hamburger, whether it be loss of material possessions, dealing with anger, a new baby needing healing…they all need the love of Christ. It’s amazing to see how God impacts the people we serve as well as the people who volunteer to serve.

This past Sunday a tornado tore through the community of Van, TX leaving a wake of destruction throughout the town. Immediately Mission U-Too started gathering a team to head out there and serve the victims of this disaster. The team arrived safely in Van at 2:30 p.m. yesterday, and within 30 minutes we were cooking hundreds of meals to those displaced, homeless, and helping because of the tornado.

Tornado Strikes Van, TX

There are many needs to be met here in Van, and Mission U-Too needs your help to continue serving here!

Equipment – Currently we are using the trailer set up from our Round Rock, TX location and it has to be returned by this Friday so that they can do their weekly feeding. If Mission U-Too is to stay through the weekend we will need equipment to continue serving here. Contact Jason Bray at jason.bray@feedtheneed.org or 214.236.4446 if you have some equipment our team can use this weekend.

Donations – We need your financial support to cover costs of food, travel, and other expenses for our team while they are on the ground in Van. Click here to make a donation today.

Volunteer – Not only do we need equipment and financial support, we need people to help serve. Contact Jason Bray at jason.bray@feedtheneed.org or 214.236.4446 if you are able to head up to Van in northeast Texas this week.

Prayer – Pray, pray, pray…we need you to pray for the families affected by the tornado as they are assessing the damaging and figuring out their next steps. Also pray for Mission U-Too and the leadership that God would use us to share His love.

If you could help Mission U-Too in one or more of these ways, the community of Van, TX would be extremely thankful. Thanks to all of you who support what God is doing through Mission U-Too!

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