Our Mission U-Too team has made it safely to Saltillo, Arkansas. Check out this video for an update from their first day serving.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our team as they serve food, lend a listening ear, and share Christ’s love to the people affected by this devastating tornado.

Mission U-Too can still use your help to be prepared for the next time disaster hits. To give simply click the button below and designate your gift to disaster relief.

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This weekend tornadoes pounded Oklahoma, Iowa, and Arkansas, killing 16 people and leaving hundreds homeless. And more storms are on their way.

These devastating storms remind us that tornado season is in full swing. Tornado season is typically March through the end of May in what is referred to as Tornado Alley. During these months, Mission U-Too is on high alert and ready to get on the road at moment’s notice to provide some relief to people displaced by these disasters.

This weekend’s event is no different. Mission U-Too is packing up a team and will be heading up to Mayflower, Arkansas, one of the towns that were the hardest hit, this evening.

Thankfully we are prepared for this disaster. But as tornado season continues on and with hurricane season around the corner, we need your help to be prepared for whatever disaster may strike next.

We need prayers for safety, provision, and for the people devastated by these disasters. And we also need financial donations that we can rely on when we have to move quickly in a time of disaster.

Can you partner with us and help Mission U-Too prepare to provide disaster relief by giving a gift today? Any amount you can give, whether it is $10, $100, or $1,000, will help us be prepared and quickly serve devastated communities across our nation.

We also appreciate you keeping our team leaving for Arkansas in your prayers this week. They will be serving food to many hurting people directly affected by these storms. Pray for safety and for comfort for those who have lost their homes and maybe even a loved one.

Again, we are so thankful for you, our Mission U-Too family, and for your support in our weekly communities and in times of disaster. We know God will show up big.

To make a donation today, simply click the button below and designate your gift to disaster relief. Thank you so much for your support, now and in times when disaster strikes.

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A week ago floods ravaged through some parts of Austin, devastating homes and putting many lives on hold. The hardest hit area was a poverty-stricken neighborhood in the Onion Creek area.

For the past week the families in this area have received little support, many don’t have insurance and have no idea how they will recover. Families have been living in their ruined houses trying to make do, but because of safety hazards they are being turned out of their own homes and don’t have any place to go.

Today the Mission U-Too team is packing up and heading over to Austin to offer support to this community. We need your help and we need your prayers. Here are a few ways you can practically help:

Donate – We need burgers, buns and all the fixings. Contact Jonah at jonah.beyer@feedtheneed.org or 832-524-5614 if you can help with this need. We also need financial donations.

Update: These are some items we are currently in great need of—Pancake mix, Eggs, Tortillas, Cheese (shredded and sliced), Butter, Lettuce, Pickles, Onions, Buns (hotdog and hamburger).

Volunteer – Not only do we need food to serve, we need people to help serve. We are setting up right in front of the Onion Creek neighborhood off of East William Cannon near Crossroads Christian House—5201 E William Cannon Dr, Austin, TX 78744—and will be there until Sunday. If you have any questions please contact Jonah at jonah.beyer@feedtheneed.org or 832-524-5614 today.

Update: We are now set up in the neighborhood of Onion Creek at 7444 Onion Creek Drive if you want to come and help us serve.

Prayer – Pray, pray, pray…we need you to pray for the families affected by the flooding as they are assessing the damaging and figuring out their next steps. Also pray for Mission U-Too and the leadership that God would use us to share His love.

We appreciate your support as we serve the community of Onion Creek in Austin. We know that God will show up.

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by Christy Beyer, Mission U-Too

This was my first time going on a Mission trip. Even though I feel like I’m doing our own mission in our community, right in our back yard, this trip is very sentimental to me. The hearts of those in Oklahoma were hurt and a few that were hardened and a few that was over joyed. Their joy was because of Christ Jesus who told us He will never forsake us. I met a family from Africa that lived in Oklahoma for a few short years and their house was up rooted and lost everything. Even their cars and all the things that were sentimental to them.

Her name is Erica and she has two children name Nini and Delilah. Nini was short for Messiah (Prince) and he was turning 4 years. He sure was a fire cracker with so much energy and love. Delilah was 6 years old and very quiet and shy. I could see in her eyes that she was hurting and was angry. Erica was telling me she had driven by the Mission U-Too site, which was set up at a Nazarene church parking lot and would just drive by not knowing exactly what it was. She told me “I would see all these people over here hugging, eating and having a good time.” She was right but there was also time for tears, prayers and the gospel.

Erica is a strong believer in Christ. Being raised in Africa with next to nothing she knows how it feels to have nothing. She was a beautiful lady with a wonderful personality and was just looking for a hot meal to eat and someone she could tell her story too, her story about her walk with the Lord. In her exact words she said “So many people around here are so angry and bitter, and I know my God has a plan for me and my family and we are blessed.  We are blessed because we have a God of love.” She continued on saying “we may have lost everything but we didn’t lose our salvation. God never gives up on us.” We hear many people tell us that through our own struggles in life. This time she was going through the struggle and I was there to listen.

Erica shared introduced me to her Mother n Law who had been here for only 2 short weeks. She was here to help with the grandbabies and to visit her son. And then just a few short days later the second tornado came through. Their life was already complete chaos and to be hit a second time at a little house they were renting because of the loss of their first home; again they lost a few things they had purchased to try and start over again. Now they are in a hotel awaiting on the insurance company to release their payment to be able to build another home.

Erica was so selfless and so worried and concerned about everyone else around her. God told her she needed to stop at the Mission U-Too tent to share a word of encouragement. That person was me. The truth she spoke about our God being so loving and that we don’t deserve anything; not even a house; our health and all things on earth that was put here by mankind will one day be released to God or will burn. All we need in our life is a relationship with His son Jesus Christ. The passion that came from her voice gave me chills. I believe God sent me an angel to speak those words to me. I was supposed to be on this mission trip regardless of the pain and discomfort because of my back and hip condition. I needed to be a light and a smile to someone who needed to be inspired and Erica wasn’t there by accident because in return I needed to be inspired too.  We exchanged hugs and kisses on the cheek and her mother n law in her very soft African accent said “May God be with you, every step of HIS journey.” I hugged the children and said my goodbyes and little Delilah whispered to me and said “thank you for being a friend to my mommy and keep praying for us.”

This journey that I am on is the journey my God has put me on, by being obedient to Him and being Faithful in His truth. Mission U-Too was not put in our life just because, it was put in my family’s life for a season and a reason and I’m excited and opened to see where God is taking us next.

Christy Beyer is Jonah’s wife and serves by his side every week she helps with mentoring the women and family’s that Mission U-Too touches.

Send Christy a note at christy.beyer@feedtheneed.org.

by Chas Winckel, Round Rock Site Coordinator

We have all seen Chuck or whatever his name is.  He is the drifter or the homeless guy.  He doesn’t make eye contact or most of us hope he doesn’t. He doesn’t smell or look good. Chuck, from a life of drugs was missing his entire bottom teeth except for 2 smoked stained stubbed teeth sticking out towards his bottom lip.  His long dirty blonde hair was tied in a ponytail down the middle of his stained Iowa Hawkeyes tee shirt.  He rode up on his squeaky bicycle with that homeless look.  You know the one that I am talking about.  Alone, dejected, ashamed and sure that we were going to judge him.

His first question to me was, “Can I help you?”  You see I was standing outside of the church in Moore, Ok that we have been serving alongside for the past 3 weeks, which the storm had not been kind to us the night before.  It was about 7:00 am on Sunday morning and the storm had destroyed all of the tents. I was feeling alone, dejected, ashamed and sure that he was going to judge me.  With those four words of Can I help you the spirit of God bound us together for the day.  Chuck and I worked together all day feeding the people in need of Oklahoma.  We talked about the stories of life and the will of God and how much God loved him.  I must have told Chuck a couple of dozen times during the day how much God loved him.  It was worth the trip to Moore just to see the change in Chuck and for him to know that Jesus loves him.  Chuck will be helping the team up there serve food and helping out over the next week. Please pray for Chuck to find a job so that he can move on to what God is doing with him.

I noticed him as a large group came up which I thought were coming to eat.  He had on a Phillies cap and introduced themselves as a group from Chicago.  I kidded him about a Chicago guy who was wearing a Phillies hat and asked him how we could help him.  He said that they had brought a group over from Chicago and they had to catch a plane back later tonight and wanted to see if they could help out.  He asked what we do and I told him that we were being the hands and feet of Jesus. He then introduced himself as Rabbi Mason and we stared at each other and then hugged and I said, “Were glad you’re here.”  He then took his team and they delivered meals and cold water out to the neighborhoods.  The lines that are normally there between the Jewish faith and that of Christians were erased for that day and we stood shoulder to shoulder and served God by serving the people of Moore, Oklahoma.

The Budget rental truck pulled up into our parking lot and this boundless energy came out of the truck and the other car that was with them.  Four college age girls had driven from Tampa, Florida to make donations for the victims of the tornados.  They had felt lead after seeing the devastation on the news to help out.  They put up a website and raised over $6,000 dollars and supplies and then drove for 27 hours to deliver it. One of them went to church occasionally and the others were not Christians but their hearts were being turned by God to direct them to Mission U-too.  We had a chance to spend time with them as we all unloaded the truck and then they even served with us for a while. Then they went and bought more supplies for us and even came back the next day to spend some more time with us. They said that this trip had changed their lives and that they couldn’t wait for the next disaster.  Then she looked at me and smiled and said you know what I mean, right?  I did know what she meant.  You see it is very fulfilling to serve.

I drove home on Sunday Evening.  I was tired both physically and spiritually and even though exhaustion was setting in I felt energized by the previous few days.  I have not even touched on the incredible stories of loss and hurts and hopelessness that are felt in Oklahoma now and well into the future. These people have gone through life changing events and it will be a part of their history that will be talked about for years. To experience what Mission U-too is about please consider attending one of our local mission events.  We cook food every week for people in need, the homeless, the addicts and everyone who needs a free meal.  People come and join us at first because of the free food and then they keep coming back for the hugs.

When you feed people physically they start to trust and build relationships around the food table.  Then they become part of a family and that allows us then to sow into them spiritually.

You see we love, because He first loved us.

Chas Winckel started serving with Mission U-Too in 2011 with the Bastrop Fires. After a year of God put it on his hart to get more involved with Mission U-Too, him and his wife Laurie started our Round Rock location and serve as the site coordinators.

You may have noticed Mission U-Too has been getting around lately. In April we headed to West, Texas after a fertilizer plant exploded and took out a good portion of the town. And in May, we headed up to serve the community of Moore, Oklahoma as they began the recovery process from a deadly tornado that ripped across their town.

As Mission U-Too serves every week in local communities across Central Texas, we are also preparing to respond in a time of disaster. We have a cooking trailer that we can load up with food and supplies and a core team that is willing to go at moments notice so we can head out when disaster strikes.

As we move forward and better prepare for more disasters, we need your help. We need prayers for safety, provision, and for the people devastated by these disasters. And we also need financial donations that we can rely on when we have to move quickly in a time of disaster.

Can you partner with us and help Mission U-Too prepare to provide disaster relief by giving a gift today? Any amount you can give, whether it is $10, $100, or $1,000, will help us be prepared and quickly serve devastated communities across our nation.

Simply click the button below and designate your gift to disaster relief. Thank you so much for your support, now and in times when disaster strikes.

Yesterday a hugely destructive tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma taking many lives and leaving many people homeless. As most of you know a large part of what we do at Mission U-Too is disaster relief, both in our own communities and to those around us. It has been a tough month for disasters and it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better anytime soon.

We are packing up tomorrow and heading to Oklahoma to serve and offer support to their community. We need your help and we need your prayers. As we prepare to head up for the next few days here are a few ways you can practically help:

  • Donate Food – We need burgers, buns and all the fixings. You can drop off donations in Llano, Bastrop or Round Rock today. Contact Jonah at jonah.beyer@feedtheneed.org to get the exact locations and times.
  • Volunteer – Not only do we need food to serve, we need people to help serve. We are looking for some more people to come with us to Oklahoma tomorrow when we head out first thing in the morning, or on Monday. If you would like to go with us, please email Jonah at jonah.beyer@feedtheneed.org today.
  • Pray, Pray, Pray – We need you to pray for the families affected as well as the first responders, but also pray for Mission U-Too and the leadership that God would use us and show us where He wants us when we get there.

As Mission U-Too continues to grow, we encourage each of you to pray about how God wants you to get involved to be His hands and feet. As much as we want you to join us and help us with this trip to Oklahoma there are many needs at home in our own communities throughout Central Texas. So get involved, let God use you to share His love. Be willing to go and give yourself up to follow Jesus.

Our prayer is that you would be inspired by the journey God has commissioned us at Mission U-Too to be on, and that it encourages you to start out on your own journey of following Christ. It’s not about Mission U-Too or anything we are doing, it is all about God and His Kingdom.

We appreciate your prayers and support as we travel to Oklahoma, as well as your support throughout our communities here in Texas. We love seeing how God uses so many people to further His Kingdom.

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by Chas Winckel, Round Rock Site Coordinator

I was talking with Jonah and Christy Beyer the other night after we had unloaded from our trip to West, Texas.  We had spent 3 days and nights working with the victims, volunteers and families from the fertilizer plant explosion.  I thanked them for introducing me to Mission U-Too.  I told them if I had not met them I would be rested, clean, smelled good and probably have watched all of the events from the comfort of my living room.  However, I did meet them and I was exhausted, filthy, smelled bad and had one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

We served between 1800 and 2000 meals over those three days and met many people from all over the state and country.  Texas sure did turn out and support the folks from West.  The town of West has about 2500 people and during this disaster there were maybe 10 times that amount of people.  This is a very tight knit community and they are either related or have been friends for a long time.  Most of them that we talked with knew everyone that had died.  The lifeblood of a small Texas town is generally its High School and the sports that are associated with the school.  West lost its football field, gymnasium and other sports fields.  This devastation will last for a long time.

There were times during the last couple of days that I could see visible wounds from some of the victims.  When a lady came through our food line with multiple cuts all over her body it was easy to feel compassion for her and the trauma that she had been through. We have become such a visual society that sometimes we forget to look at the inner pain and hurts that these people are feeling.  With the out pouring of help all around the city sometimes you wonder if you are doing any good.  You wonder if you are supposed to be there.  Did I hear God about coming here?

Mission U-Too’s mission is to feed people physically and spiritually.  The physical part with the help of all of our volunteers and donors is really the easy part.  The difficult part is to feed them spiritually while they are going through this.  I was talking with one of the volunteers while I was there and we were talking about joy and that the joy had been removed from the town.  I believe that Mission U-Too was sent to help put Joy back into the town.

Isn’t that just like God to use a borrowed trailer, borrowed grills, weekend cooks with no beds to lay down at night and donated food and water to bring Joy to the City of West?   Our presentation when we talk with everyone is we are not affiliated with any church or religious organization, that we just want to be “The Hands and Feet of Jesus.”

I talked with Shelley today to follow up and see how they were doing. She is the coordinator of the town that had set up everything at the fairgrounds.  They had just been to the first viewing and said that the viewing and funerals were going to be going on for the next 10 days.  She expressed how much we had meant to her and the town and that she didn’t realize how close you can become in three days’ time. Shelley said that all of the food vendors were gone now but that she missed us the most because we put our hearts into the people by praying with them.  She had said that we brought Joy to them.  We talked about our next trip up there and then as I hung up the phone I realized that we had truly become, “The Hands and Feet of Jesus.”

Mission U-Too accomplished, but I really am excited to be exhausted, stinky, filthy and fulfilled again by the people of West, Texas.

Thanks for Helping Us Help Others,

Chas Winckel started serving with Mission U-Too in 2011 with the Bastrop Fires. After a year of God put it on his hart to get more involved with Mission U-Too, him and his wife Laurie started our Round Rock location and serve as the site coordinators.

by Jonah Beyer, Mission U-Too President

The Mission U-Too team has made it back home safely but our hearts are still in West. As many of you have heard a fertilizer plant exploded last Wednesday afternoon. Jason and I began to make plans for Mission U-Too to provide relief immediately that evening. By Thursday evening we were on our way to setup and do what we do, feed people physically and spiritually.

God quickly directed us as to where He wanted us to be so He could use us. That location was being setup right in the middle of the fairgrounds where the people would come to drop off supplies, volunteer and victims would come to get things they needed.

As hard as these disasters are I love to see how God uses things like this for His good. It took me a minute to see how God wanted to use us on this trip. You see, we have responded to five disasters now and each one is a little different and we learn a lot. This one was no different. Midway through the first day I begin to ask God how do you want to use us here, there is so much help and stuff coming in I don’t want us to be in the way. He showed me that with our experience He wanted us to be patient and consistent. That is when He began to use us. He put people in our path that we were able to counsel, coach, mentor, guide; as well as in the next few days being able to be a listening ear for many of the victims. He also allowed us to serve alongside some of the new members to our team that serve in some of the other communities.

There are a lot of people that needed us to continue to pray for them. People like Shelly who is trying to juggle being a point person and helping coordinate things with the distribution center, while working with people she knows who have lost family and losing family herself. Jimmy who is a fire fighter that witnessed one of his friends getting killed by the explosion. These are just a couple of the many different stories of the people from West.

God also used us to share the Gospel with many people that have come to help; from volunteers showing up, to organizations that specialize in different areas of disaster relief. I was blown away by how many people were there with a servant heart but are not believers and they wanted to know why they felt the way they did. It is because Jesus has called all of us to serve, though many have not connected it to the fact that this is the way He made us.

We are already working to plan our next trip to West to help as they move from emergency response mode to rebuild mode. This is where you guys can continue to help us and the town of West.

  • Pray – Continue to pray for the town of West that lives would be changed for Jesus and that those who are Christ followers would be strong and be there for their family and friends.
  • Donate – Make a donation so we can provide relief with a hot meal and the message of Jesus.
  • Prepare – Look for opportunities to serve with us as we plan future trips to West and when the next disaster strikes.

Thank you again for all of your support. We are so blessed and look forward to seeing how God will use us next.

P.S. See some of the pictures from our trip.

Jonah Beyer has been serving Mission U-Too since 2010 and is the President of Mission U-Too. His family lives and serves in Bastrop, Texas.

Send Jonah a note at jonah.beyer@feedtheneed.org.


The town of West was devastated when a fertilizer facility exploded yesterday. Homes, apartments, business are gone, over 100 injured and an unknown dead. The devastation is huge for this small town.

Part of Mission U-Too’s ministry and heart is Disaster Relief. We know God has called and equipped us to go and serve people displaced by these disasters. We provide a meal, listening ear, encouragement, prayer, and most of all share the message and love of Jesus.

So a couple of us are heading up tonight to assess where we can be most effective and to see where God wants to use us. As with all disasters we are not sure what it all will look like, but the one thing we do know is that we need your help.

There are 3 ways you can help:

• Give – We need monetary donation for food and supplies
• Connect – If you know of anyone that can help serve or bring needed resources once we get setup have them contact us.
• Pray – Most of all, we need your prayers for the people of West but also that we would be focused on God so He can use us how He wants.

The last few years, God has called us to serve in several different communities including one of our own that have been devastated by disasters. God has used us to provide over 40,000 meals in these times of need and it’s been powerful to see how God shows up and we can’t wait to see Him show up here too.

We will keep you updated on our journey and let you know more specific needs once we arrive.

Thank you and God bless,
Jonah Beyer
Mission U-Too President