We are Feed the Need Missions, and we feed people both physically and spiritually.

Every week, we set up in small towns, firing up the grill to serve freshly made burgers to anyone who stops by. And the best part? It’s all completely free of charge! But that’s just the beginning of our story.

When disaster strikes, we’re there to provide disaster relief and support. During devastating events like hurricanes and forest fires, we respond with a hot meal. We offer comfort and sustenance to those in need.

But what sets us apart goes beyond the food itself. Our secret ingredient? The love of Christ shines through in everything we do. For us, the burger is more than a meal. It’s an opportunity to share the boundless love of Christ with the people in our communities.

At Feed the Need Missions, we believe in making a lasting impact, one that extends far beyond full stomachs. Join us as we spread compassion, hope, and the message of love through the simple act of sharing a meal. Together, we can make a difference, one burger at a time.

Our Vision:

To create communities everywhere of Jesus followers that noticeably impact their community physically and spiritually.

Our Mission:

We mobilize believers by feeding people physically and spiritually in their communities while actively building disciple-making relationships.

Get To Know Our Team

Our desire for each of our sites is to build meaningful relationships. Not only with the people, but also churches, and businesses in each of the communities we serve.




Jonah is a visionary leader who has been driving the mission of Feed the Need Missions since 2011. With a background as a former entrepreneur, he brings a unique blend of business expertise and compassion to the nonprofit sector. Jonah’s driving force is his passion for Jesus and his mission to empower others to live purposefully.

Beyond his work, Jonah values precious family time with his wife and children, cherishing every moment they spend together. He also actively serves in the community, extending his commitment to making a positive impact on others.

Jonah knows how to balance responsibility with adventure. You might find him skiing behind a boat, exploring the Rockies, or embarking on motorcycle journeys. Jonah’s dynamic leadership, devotion to service, and zest for life continue to inspire and elevate the success of Feed the Need Missions, bringing positive change to countless lives.



Program Director

Meet Sean, a valuable member of the Feed the Need Missions team since 2021. Sean’s utmost passion lies in helping people discover and fulfill their purpose in life. With an impressive background of 29 years in vocational and volunteer ministry, he brings a wealth of experience and dedication to our diverse team.

When he’s not actively engaged with the community, Sean cherishes quality time with his wife and two children, embarking on exciting adventures together. Family holds a special place in his heart, and he finds joy in creating memorable moments with his loved ones.

Sean‘s commitment to guiding others towards their purpose, coupled with his extensive ministry experience, makes him a driving force in our organization’s mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. His enthusiasm and dedication continue to be an inspiration to the Feed the Need Missions team and the community we support.



Office Manager

Nichole is the backbone of our organization, tirelessly supporting staff, volunteers, and donors. Her oversight encompasses volunteer management, bookkeeping, donations, and event planning, crucial to Feed the Need Missions‘ progress. Nichole’s dedication ensures smooth operations, a testament to her passion for the mission. Previously leading the Smithville site with husband Tim in 2017, her commitment shines. When not working, Nichole serves her church with Tim and enjoys quality time with their two kids, showcasing her love for community and family. Her selfless contributions drive our mission’s success and inspire everyone around her.



Area Program Coordinator

Jack is the Coordinator of Lee County area sites at Feed the Need Missions. He began volunteering in August 2019 and became the site coordinator at LBA in October that year. Alongside serving as Pastor of Ridgeway Baptist Church in Paige, Texas, Jack enjoys family time with his wife, Susan, and three girls. When not preaching or with Feed the Need, he can be found at sporting events or basking in the beach sun. His passion for community service and family values make him an invaluable team member.



Discipleship Coach

Erin supports our discipleship efforts, crafting curriculum and guiding volunteers to intentional living of God‘s word. With 20 years in Asia, his discipleship training ignited impactful church-planting and movements. As a full-time Discipleship Pastor at a local church and ministry coach, Erin’s passion for fostering spiritual growth shines. Outside of his impactful work, he spends time powerlifting and honing his target shooting skills, embodying dedication to precision and strength. Erin’s profound impact on our mission and volunteers exemplifies a life devoted to intentional discipleship and personal growth.



Program Assistant

Christy plays a pivotal role in our program team, dedicating herself to both assisting and enriching the lives of Feed the Need Missions‘ volunteers. She has been a steadfast supporter from the start, standing alongside her husband, Jonah, who leads as President. Christy’s intentional and loving presence resonates with our mission‘s core values. Beyond her commitment, she relishes outdoor moments, quality time with her husband and children, and the joys of travel, beaches, and sunny days. Christy’s genuine devotion and warm spirit encapsulate our mission‘s essence, making her an integral part of our organization’s heart and purpose.



Development Assistant

With a robust background in a major restaurant chain and subsequent experience in a mega church, Mary brings a solid foundation in hospitality to our team. Fueled by her deep love for the Lord and ministry, she became an integral part of our growing team, using her expertise to provide support. Mary’s genuine care for people is instrumental in forging connections with both supporters and volunteers. Her infectious energy and warm demeanor create an environment of positivity. Away from work, Mary ventures on adventures with her husband and three children, embracing life fully. Her presence enriches our team with dedication, compassion, and a vibrant spirit.



Marketing & Graphics

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Feed The Need Missions
Board Members:

Jonah Beyer

President, Feed the Need Missions

Jason Bray

Real Estate Agent, Nik Shehu Property Group

Michael Warden

Attorney at Law

Drew Granzow

Chief Operating Officer, Cogency Power

Kevin Mclaughlin

President, McLaughlin Global Associates LLC

What We Value

Our desire for each of our sites is to develop deep and numerous relationships with the people, churches, and businesses in each of the communities we serve.

He is the heart of why we serve. He is the model for how we serve each other as well as those He has called us to serve.

We must always approach our role with an attitude of service. We are not there to be served, but to serve others in a way that is contagious so that none may boast of their own achievements.

Whether in a small town or large city, everything we do must stay consistent in order to spread in such a way that holds up the vision of feeding people physically and spiritually.

No one deserves Jesus. His salvation was a gift that was freely given to us. We are to conduct ourselves in this manner and bring that message to all who will hear it.

The resources with which Feed the Need Missions is blessed will be used with integrity, excellence, and a commitment to quality to bring glory to the Kingdom of Christ.

The more we complicate ministry, the more we get in the way. Keep to the heart of the ministry of feeding people physically and spiritually.

Our History

Since 2010, Feed the Need Missions has been serving communities and sharing the love of Christ through a hot meal. Our journey began with a weekly cookout in one small town. We set up a grill and started cooking burgers for anyone who stopped by. Today we serve multiple communities across Texas. We have established a team dedicated to providing disaster relief in times of need.

  • 2010

    Feed the Need Missions was established as a 501(c)(3)

    We created a weekly cookout where we could meet physical needs by providing a meal. We also address spiritual needs by sharing the gospel.

  • MAY 2011

    Responded to our first disaster in Joplin, MO

    A small team of us went to Joplin after an F5 tornado ripped through their town. We found ourselves cooking burgers by the hundreds, and in two days we served over 2,000 burgers. God was on the move.

    MAY 2011

  • SEPT 2011

    Responded to a massive fire where thousands were evacuated

    We jumped into action in our home town (Bastrop, TX) and served over 18,000 meals in the first two weeks. This led to Feed the Need Missions selecting its first president, Jonah Beyer.

  • 2012-2016

    We continued to learn as we grew and responded to more disasters

    We began to add weekly sites where we could reach more people with the love and message of Jesus. Responded to 10 disasters by sending teams of staff and volunteers to provide hot meals, prayer, and a listening ear.


  • 2017

    Utilized our weekly site teams and equipment so we can head out

    With 6 weekly sites established we were able to utilize our teams to respond to over 17 disasters providing more the 140,000 meals to affected areas.

  • 2018

    Implemented a training program to equip our volunteers

    In 2017, we began to develop another area North of Fort Worth. We realized the need for consistent training and equipping for our leaders and their volunteers. As a result, we designed four layers of training for our volunteers.


Working To Address The Four Areas Of Poverty

The “burger” meets the important physical need, but meeting the spiritual need is the ultimate imperative. To do this people need to know we care for their physical, social, and emotional needs through a “no strings attached” friendship.

We make meeting the spiritual needs the top priority but use the physical, social, and emotional to show our love so they are willing to hear the gospel.


Each week we provide a hot meal. Many people we serve do not have much and our cookout is often the only meat they eat all week.


At our cookout, our loving volunteers help provide an environment where people can be heard.


Volunteers from local churches are able to listen to the needs of those we serve and allow for mentoring and emotional needs to be filled.


The consistency of being there each week builds trust and provides the opportunity to present the gospel in many different ways to meet people right where they are.

We love because He first loved us.

1 John 4:19