Tornado Strikes Van, TX

This past Sunday a tornado tore through the community of Van, TX leaving a wake of destruction throughout the town. Immediately Mission U-Too started gathering a team to head out there and serve the victims of this disaster. The team arrived safely in Van at 2:30 p.m. yesterday, and within 30 minutes we were cooking hundreds of meals to those displaced, and homeless, and helping because of the tornado.


There are many needs to be met here in Van, and Mission U-Too needs your help to continue serving here!

Equipment – Currently we are using the trailer set up from our Round Rock, TX location and it has to be returned by this Friday so that they can do their weekly feeding. If Mission U-Too is to stay through the weekend we will need equipment to continue serving here. Contact Jason Bray at or 214.236.4446 if you have some equipment our team can use this weekend.

Donations – We need your financial support to cover costs of food, travel, and other expenses for our team while they are on the ground in Van. Make a donation today.

Volunteer – Not only do we need equipment and financial support, we need people to help serve. Contact Jason Bray at or 214.236.4446 if you are able to head up to Van in northeast Texas this week.

Prayer – Pray, pray, pray…we need you to pray for the families affected by the tornado as they are assessing the damaging and figuring out their next steps. Also pray for Mission U-Too and the leadership that God would use us to share His love.

If you could help Mission U-Too in one or more of these ways, the community of Van, TX would be extremely thankful. Thanks to all of you who support what God is doing through Mission U-Too!

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