Feed the Need Missions depends on our volunteers. Without our dedicated team of volunteers we would not be able to serve our communities like we do.

We are always in need of more hands at our weekly site locations, special events, and at various other programs we provide in our different locations.

For specific needs in your area, contact your local site coordinator. Or just show up at one of our weekly gatherings and jump in!

We so greatly appreciate you and all our volunteers!



We are always looking for people that want to volunteer at our site locations! There are many ways you can do this from just showing up and helping on the line or flipping a burger to taking the lead by becoming one of our team leads at our sites. The following are a few of the team leads we are always looking for at our sites.

If you would like to get involved with filling one or several of these roles at one of our site, contact the site coordinator nearest you.

Purchaser Team Lead

The purchaser is responsible to ensure that the food is there each week. Shopping for food should not take more than 30-45 minutes and is best done right before site setup.

  • Pre-paid card assigned by area program coordinator and will be responsible for all site purchases.
  • Must have valid driver’s license and insurance
  • Responsible to utilize expense tool to import receipts and categorize expenses

Trailer Team Lead

Ensures that the trailer arrives safely on time, is unloaded correctly, reloaded correctly with everything organized, and taken back to its resting spot safely until it’s to be used again.

  • Must have valid driver’s license and insurance
  • Take the training course that Feed the Need Missions provides for operating trailer
  • Must be 21 years or older to pull trailer
  • Must pass a Motor Vehicle Report
  • Must have your own vehicle to tow trailer

Line Team Lead

Is there to ensure the line is setup, volunteers are equipped and that tear down happens properly. The most imported part is to make sure volunteers are being used and equipped to meet people where they are (Making Disciples).

  • Responsible to know and understand the way to set-up the line
  • Responsible for food handling and serving food (must be food safety certified)
  • Must be good at leading and serving volunteers
  • Be able to instruct and train volunteers
  • Be able to work with volunteers and people who are coming for a meal to uphold the heart and mission of Feed the Need Missions
  • Must be patient with people
  • Have discernment in understanding the needs of people
  • Dishes, Someone will need to take the dishes home to wash unless there is a place on site for washing.

Grill Team Lead

Responsible for setting up the grill and have it ready to cook with adequate amount of time before serving

  • Coordinate and manage the amount of food being cooked at any given time
  • Responsible of handling food being cooked (must be food safety certified)
  • Be able to instruct and train volunteers
  • Must be patient with people

Prayer Team Lead

Responsible to engage volunteers to pray with people at the weekly event

  • Lead prayer before serving the hot meal
  • Must be good with people
  • Passionate and a good LISTENER about praying for people’s needs and pointing them towards the gospel
  • Requirement: Must go through crisis training
  • Responsible for prayer request

MC/Study Team Lead

  • Responsible to bring a couple minute message that can be repeated every 15 min to point people to Christ
  • Responsible in preparing a 15-20 minute message that is gospel centered for those who stay after the food has been served
  • To ensure a message is brought each week, even if you’re not the one doing it