Have you ever heard of a little town in Texas called Lexington? If you have, it might be because of the world famous Snow’s BBQ, which is world famous for all the right reasons! It might be because of the Lexington High Schools football program, which sported a 10-1 season this last year. So what else is so special about this sleepy little town you might be wondering. Well, this is the location of our next Feed the Need Missions site launch.

There are always so many variables to consider with a new launch. Would the community benefit from a Feed the Need Missions Site? What obstacles are there that can slow the process of a build? Is there a group of people that can collectively lead the ministry? Most of all, does the Lord want us there? As we look to expand in the direction that He leads us in, patients and prayer has to be at the center of all we do.

This has been a year in the making! It started with a couple of young hearts set on seeing the direction of the Lord regarding starting the ministry. Jeremy and Dana Chastain have childhood ties to Lexington. They began volunteering with the mission a number of years ago and has secretly prayed for a Site in Lexington. Over the last several years they have been vital to our LBA location, not to mention many other aspects of the ministry. They both work and live in Lexington and often found themselves praying over the new launch as they served people in different communities. Jeremy and Dana know intimately the special characteristics of their home town. They also know the challenges that people face there.

Last month we had a soft launch in Lexington. It started with a simple video posted to social media. The video caught fire and has now been viewed over 3000 times. That is incredible considering that the population of the city is just over 1200. The night of the first gathering we had over 30 volunteers and served over 200 meals. The needs and desires are clear. We now find ourselves in the final stages of our launch. Will you join us in prayer for a clear location, community unity and a God-sized impact as we move forward with this launch? If you would like to join us in supporting not only Jeremy and Dana but those that live in Lexington let us know. For you too can have an impact and add to the list of things to be thankful for in Lexington.