Have you ever heard of a little town in Texas called Lexington? If you have, it might be because of the world famous Snow’s BBQ, which is world famous for all the right reasons! It might be because of the Lexington High Schools football program, which sported a 10-1 season this last year. So what else is so special about this sleepy little town you might be wondering. Well, this is the location of our next Feed the Need Missions site launch.

There are always so many variables to consider with a new launch. Would the community benefit from a Feed the Need Missions Site? What obstacles are there that can slow the process of a build? Is there a group of people that can collectively lead the ministry? Most of all, does the Lord want us there? As we look to expand in the direction that He leads us in, patients and prayer has to be at the center of all we do.

This has been a year in the making! It started with a couple of young hearts set on seeing the direction of the Lord regarding starting the ministry. Jeremy and Dana Chastain have childhood ties to Lexington. They began volunteering with the mission a number of years ago and has secretly prayed for a Site in Lexington. Over the last several years they have been vital to our LBA location, not to mention many other aspects of the ministry. They both work and live in Lexington and often found themselves praying over the new launch as they served people in different communities. Jeremy and Dana know intimately the special characteristics of their home town. They also know the challenges that people face there.

Last month we had a soft launch in Lexington. It started with a simple video posted to social media. The video caught fire and has now been viewed over 3000 times. That is incredible considering that the population of the city is just over 1200. The night of the first gathering we had over 30 volunteers and served over 200 meals. The needs and desires are clear. We now find ourselves in the final stages of our launch. Will you join us in prayer for a clear location, community unity and a God-sized impact as we move forward with this launch? If you would like to join us in supporting not only Jeremy and Dana but those that live in Lexington let us know. For you too can have an impact and add to the list of things to be thankful for in Lexington.

Every community has it’s own unique culture and that is definitely the case here in the Lone Star State! In Texas, burgers and backyard games are one of our favorite past times. For many involved in Feed the Need Missions, the thought of combining a cookout competition with a little life change makes for a good recipe. This event was a celebration of these two things coming together for a purpose!

The Texas Burger Bash is a one-day cook-off held each year in La Grange TX. The founders of the TBB are made up of a very dedicated group of friends. Their vision is to not only create a family friendly event, but to raise resources and awareness that benefits those that serve their community. All it took is a little vision, a lot of commitment and a spark that ignited the flames of this event.


The day started as all great gatherings should. A gathering and a prayer… “Lord let the efforts offered up here today bring life change!”  was the prayer the morning of the event. Specifically we prayed for 8-12 teams competing, 200 plus people actively showing up and participating, resources raised and people to walk away knowing that their efforts had an impact. Well, He answered that and then some! We had 11 registered teams, over 300 people came out, received almost $2000 in active donations, and after the event we noticed a substantial increase the next Monday of people coming out to the Feed the Need Missions site in La Grange.


This is just the beginning for this event! A special thanks to all those involved in making this happen. A shout out to The City of La Grange, Team Gonzo Cornhole, D-Poe Cattle Co., 979 Trucking Inc., Scar and Sons and of course the 4 friends that helped make this happen. From humble beginnings often comes eternal impact and that clearly happened at this years Texas Burger Bash. Consider this your invitation to next years festivities help at the end of April 2024. Visit texasburgerbash.com to see some of the highlights.


There are some people in our lives when we think about them, we can’t help but smile. Willy is one of those individuals. You will almost always find Willy with a smile on his face and a warm welcome when he sees you. He’s like a hawk, and always sees you first!

Raised by a single mother, Willy was quickly welcomed into a group of men from a local church who felt called to walk with him. Willy‘s involvement with Feed the Need Missions started more than five years ago when one of the men from his church brought him out to serve. He quickly found his place at the Bastrop South site, and before long Willy was submerged in not one but two faith families.

The fact Willy does not drive has not stopped him from getting to the site faithfully each week! When asked why he serves his response was straightforward but powerful, “Because that’s what we are supposed to do.”  Willy is the site’s “muscle man” and always ready to jump in and help carry the heavy items for setup and teardown. He doesn’t grill, take orders or pray with guests, but he has found a way to use his special abilities to contribute to the kingdom work happening at the site each week. Willy is an invaluable member of the team and we are so grateful to have him serve alongside us!

When you think of answered prayers, what comes to your mind? For us at Feed the Need Missions it has come in the form of someone special. We are so proud to announce that God not only brought us a new Office Manager, but went beyond our expectations and brought someone with experience and a heart for the Mission! Here is a short message from Nichole:

My name is Nichole Garner. My family became affiliated with Feed the Need Missions about six years ago. We began with this organization serving as Site Coordinators for the Smithville location when it was on Sunday evenings. My husband, Tim, my two children, Anna and Luke, and I, served this Smithville community for four years. Our prayer was to find a place that we could serve as a family…and God answered that prayer with Feed the Need Missions.

Serving with this organization gave us an opportunity to be God’s hands in a community of people that were, not only hungry, but hurting. The people were extremely grateful for a free meal, but more so, they came every Sunday to have someone to listen, cry, laugh, hug, share God’s word and pray with them. What they didn’t know was that they were blessing us just as much as we were blessing them. God did amazing things at the Smithville site during this time and my family and I got to witness it.

Powerful prayers were being answered; relationships were mending as new ones were forming; addictions were being overcome; and people were finding Jesus. Feed the Need Missions gave us the opportunity to walk along side people as God changed them drastically. So AMAZING!

I am so excited to be back with Feed the Need Missions, currently working as the new Office Manager and once again serving at the Smithville site. Since I began serving again in Smithville, I have seen a lot of new faces, but some familiar as well. I love seeing how God has continued to work in this community and has brought me back to be a part of it. What a blessing!”

Welcome back Nichole. We are grateful to the Lord for bringing you back into the Mission!

Carol has been serving with Feed the Need Missions for three years. Starting as a volunteer and working her way into a leadership role she found her “happy place.” Currently she serves as the Site Coordinator at our LBA location.

She leads with integrity putting Christ first and making disciples. The volunteers at the site support Carol in making decisions. She leads through them. A site volunteer said “Carol loves her people and understands the mission of Feed the Need Missions, we are one big family”.

When Carol was asked what her favorite part about serving is, she responded with “serving people outside the walls of the church. People don’t want to go into the churches, for whatever reason. So we bring it to them. Jesus tells us to go where my people are, and we get to do that,”

The Lord is growing Carol through Feed the Need Missions, she shared: “It has helped my marriage and for us to serve and grow together. Doing this together has been a saving grace. My husband is praying again for dinner, sharing the gospel at the grill, serving together, and praying for our guests. We are learning how to do this together.”

We stand behind our site leaders and volunteers! For the month of March, Carol was nominated Volunteer of the Month. Our staff thank’s YOU Carol, for your time and commitment serving every Thursday every week. You are a blessing to so many. Thank you for being obedient and the continuation of making disciples.

When I think back to some the most challenging years of my life I can easily say the years of having small children in tow stands out! I don’t know how you feel, but I can remember the pendulum of emotions welling up even now. One moment feeling the deepest sense of gratitude toward the Lord for these little gifts… SWING! I am a complete failure after realizing what I just feed them for dinner. SWING! My heart melts at the belly laugh from a little mini-me and the reverberation in my soul of what Jesus must feel every time I laugh with Him. SWING! How can He even trust me with these little babes when I can’t remember to take the trash out the night before it gets picked up?

What I do know is that a community of people can help us see what we cannot, feel what we are meant to feel, follow who we are suppose to follow. In fact a community of people that takes time to elevate one another toward the One that defines support is where we need to be. MOPS meets that for many young moms in the Bastrop community. These women take time to focus on each other and the kids they are raising like very few in the world do. This past November MOPS took it upon themselves to go beyond what seemed feasible and choose to serve “the least of these”. They collectively participated in our Gobble Kit program and together supplied 43 kits and fed 258 people that would have not had a Thanksgiving meal.

This past week Feed the Need Missions was provided a small chance to give back and say THANK YOU! At MOPS we witnessed joy and compassion. Intention and Hope. Faith in action and a modeling of true love! I doubted wether any mom would even eat a burger at 10am in the morning. But…. a hot meal (they didn’t have to prepare), and a place for Jesus-centered fellowship reminded me of the patients he showed me as a young parent. If you want or need community consider this my invitation to be loved as a family through MOPS or love a family in need through Feed the need Missions. Either way, you will find Jesus here!

Written by Sean Tangen

To Everything There Is A Season

Daniel’s Story

Five Faithful Years

After five years of faithfully serving our Justin, Texas site, Site Coordinator Daniel Andrews is stepping into a new season. Daniel will be moving away from the area, which means he will be stepping down from his post. God has done some incredible things in and through Daniel in his years with Feed the Need Missions. We would like to highlight and celebrate this!

What You Get When You Give

When Daniel first came to the Justin site, he was a guest. Within a year he became a co-leader at the site, and by 2018 he was the Site Coordinator. Daniel has a natural leadership, tremendous gifting, and carries it all with such humility. He has been an integral part of the team and has blessed so many.

As he reflects back on his time, Daniel shared with us how meaningful Feed the Need Missions has been to his own spiritual walk. When he came to the site, God drew him in and surrounded him with community and opportunity. Because he was afforded this, he grew in his walk. Daniel attributes his spiritual growth to his opportunity to serve. This is because he was held accountable and challenged.

The Search for New Leadership

As the Justin site transitions, we ask that you join us in prayer over the next leader to take the helm. The role of site coordinator is a key leadership. They recruit, equip, disciple, oversee, encourage, and develop as they serve. They are tasked with surrounding themselves with gifted, dedicated individuals that can fill the various leadership roles for a site. Reach out to our team if you’re interested in learning more about being a site coordinator. We’d love to connect and serve alongside you!


It’s hard to believe that it has been one year since our big family move to Texas. Moves can generate all sorts of emotions, from fears of the unknown to the joys of new adventures. Most importantly, thought, change can generate tremendous outcomes when you put Jesus at your center of your life. 

This move first became real as we initially crossed the state line of Texas in August of last year. The joy and cheers quickly turned into shock when we realized we were still almost 9 hours from our new home in Elgin. As we traveled southeast, dreams of outdoor adventures, family memories and new chances to share about Jesus echoed in the cab of our truck. Before we knew it, we landed at our new home. The house we bought had been vacant (from humans) for six months. It was then we realized just how different Texas was then the west coast. In true Texas form (and in case you did not know) everything IS bigger here… including the spiders! As we stood laughing and crying, we knew this season was going to bring some incredible memories!  

What do you do when you are faced with overwhelming change? We discovered this year that the recipe of guided change, mixed with blanketed trust, sprinkled with the confidence found in Jesus leads to life altering impact. Within two weeks of my arrival, I found myself on stage at the 2021 Gala, challenging people to risk themselves to serve others as Jesus served us. As it turns out, that message was not just for those in attendance that night but for my family as well. We have chosen to live it out all year… and what a year it has been!

This year, I asked the Lord to do far beyond what I could ever hope or imagine. As a result, we have seen wonderful answers to prayer! There has been a significant shift in staffing. Almost 40% of our team is new to the mission. This has allowed us to focus on relationships in new and deep ways. As we continued to pray for direct field ministry growth, we are praying for two new locations for 2023. This would not be possible without the staffing additions.

In May, my family and I took over as Site Coordinators for the Smithville location. I have personally prayed with 11 people as they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This, combined with the work that has been done at our other sites, has led to over 40 people responding to the hope found in Jesus this year!

I have watched my daughter Shayla turn 16 and son Asher turn 14. Shayla has gained continual confidence in sharing her faith. When asked, many of the guests that attend Smithville are more concerned about talking with and receiving prayer from my daughter than anyone else. My son could have chosen to do anything for his birthday but instead wanted to celebrate his day with those at the site. He would has said multiple times it feels like family. 

In just one year, I have prayed for new volunteers, prayed with guests who lost loved ones, cooked 1000’s of hotdogs and hamburgers, built new site trailers. I have laughed, cried, led worship and preached the gospel. And in all this time, I have been amazed by the change that only comes from the Lord.

Will you take the time to experience part of this change with me? Come on out and see what Jesus is doing, for it is perfect. I can promise this, that when you put your trust in His plan, your life will be changed for eternity! 
Meet Tamika! She is a long-time Smithville resident and regular guest at the Smithville site. Tamika is one of many guests who have attended weekly site gatherings since the beginning of the site’s launch. Tamika is a dedicated guest. She is usually the first one at the site, even before the volunteer team arrives. Not only is she the first to arrive, but she is also the last to leave. You will always find her with a smile on her face.

Tamika’s curiosity brought her out to the site. She was intrigued by what she saw, and it kept her coming back week after week. “I saw a lot of people, good people and I wanted to check it out,” Tamika shared. “I really liked the hospitality and the personalities [of the volunteers].”  Tamika found the weekly cookout to be inviting, hospitable and engaging.

Tamika, by her own admission, is quite shy; large crowds can be difficult at times. However, this does not hinder her getting out each week.  “There were a lot of good Bible verses I heard, and I love the music,” Tamika recalls. She has found herself growing in God’s word each week as she participates in Table Talk. “I’ve learned to be more open with people and it has helped work me out of my shyness.”

Like so many of us, Tamika has experienced her fair share of heartbreak and difficulties.  Though the trials of life have left bruises and scars, she chooses to hold tight to hope. Tamika has recently made the decision to follow Jesus and is trusting her future to him. Pray for Tamika as she begins her new faith journey!

Every week, beautiful, custom built trailers roll in to sites across Texas, fully equipped to feed communities physically and spiritually. These are the Feed the Need Missions trailers. But it hasn’t always been this way. We sat down with Jonah Beyer, president of Feed the Need Missions, to learn about the evolution of these incredible “mission mobiles.”

In the Beginning

Feed the Need Missions trailers are vital tools used to deliver supplies and support the work of feeding communities. But when Feed the Need Missions began operating, there was no trailer. “We started with volunteers showing up with personal grills. Chairs and tables were hauled over in pickup trucks and flatbed trailers,” Jonah shared. But over time, leadership realized this wasn’t a sustainable plan. “We needed a place to store supplies, so that they would last longer. We needed a mechanism for maintaining cleanliness. And carting things to the sites every week was very wearing on the volunteers.” So the team put their heads together to try to come up with a solution. And the idea for the trailer was born.

The Flatbed Prototype

Trailers seemed like a good place to start. “Volunteers brought small box trailers in the beginning,” Jonah said. “Unfortunately, people kept bumping they heads on them, because they are so short.” Realizing something more custom-made would be needed, they began to dream.

They started by assessing needs. The trailers would need to fit everything needed to run the site, including chairs, tables, a grill, serving and cooking utensils, cutting boards, tents, cleaning supplies paper towels, food, and drink coolers. “When we built the first trailer, it was just me and one volunteer. I was learning to weld at the time. So we grabbed a flatbed trailer and started to try to modify it.” They soon realized this was a daunting challenge to modify. “So, back to the drawing board, we decided to retrofit an enclosed box trailer.”

Unit A-1: The Modified Enclosed Box Trailer

“We had very specific criteria as we set out to modify the box trailer,” said Jonah. “We needed to keep it compact, so it was easy for a volunteer with a half ton pickup truck to tow. We wanted it to protect all of the supplies and maintain the durability of the supplies and equipment. It needed lighting because in the winter months it got dark early. It also needed a water supply because some sites didn’t have water. But it also had to be low maintenance.”

In 2015 Feed the Need Missions completed and launched Unit A-1. An enclosed 10′ box trailer, it was equipped with solar power, lighting, and a gravity-fed water system onboard. A spigot on the front of the trailer would provide opportunity to fill drink coolers and wash utensils and supplies.

A-2: The Next Generation

“Once we put A-1 in the field, and did training, we realized that it was just too compact,” Jonah laughs. “The team kindof teased me because I packed everything in like a Tetris game, but it wasn’t simple for most volunteers to figure out how I had done it. It wasn’t easy to restock, the layout wasn’t user friendly—we realized we were going to need a little more space pretty quickly.”

So, two years later, Unit A-2, which was larger, was launched and dispatched to the north Texas sites in 2017. This time things were laid out and additions were made. It was completed just in time to dispatch it for Disaster Relief during Hurricane Harvey and helped us serve countless meals to those affected by the massive storm in Texas.

A-3: A Fully Equipped Mission Mobile

“The latest model of our Feed the Need Missions trailers was deployed just last week,” Jonah shared. Additional modifications have been made, including a solution to put hot water on board, which is helpful for north Texas especially, for winter season, and for cleaning.

“But one of the best modifications to these new trailers is that we have equipped them with AV,” Jonah said. “Years ago, my Grandad visited a site. I was sharing with him about Table Talk, our discipleship plan and he suggested that it would be helpful and beneficial to find a way to put a television on the side of the trailers to keep consistent messaging at all the sites. That conversation took place in 2013, and it’s reality now. On this new unit, there is a tv mounted in the side with a door that flips up and it has sound. It’s very exciting.” This AV equips volunteers to do effective and consistent ministry, to reach our guests with a clear presentation of the Gospel message.

A-4: Built to Last

In production now is Unit A-4. While A-3 captures the functionality of what each site needs, the next generation of trailer will tackle durability. “We are looking at what hasn’t held up well over the years and what needs to be built to last longer,” shared Jonah. One of the ways they are doing that is by tapping in to creative partnerships.

“We contracted with a local company called Spiradrill to help us build out a more durable unit.” Spiradrill is a local company that is a big supporter of Feed the Need Missions. The partnership in the trailer building arose because sourcing challenges and product shortages made if difficult to find a cost effective way to costom build what was needed. “We purchase the basic box trailer, which is easy to acquire, and Spiradrill is doing the upgrades like cabinetry and equipment installation. The labor is donated, and in return they get a beneficial visibility to the community.


The Current Model

Our weekly site trailers are designed to support 3 sites within an area. They are a self contained unit equipped with a grill, tables/chairs, freshwater, dish-washing station, water heater, lighting, solar power, all equipment to run a site, and supplies it has everything needed to be self-sufficient and convenient. Each trailer should be able to support 3 sites for a month (12 events). It is branded to help promote and spread the word about the mission. Contact us for more information about Feed the Need Missions or partnerships.