The odds of living in poverty are more than 2X higher in small towns than in big cities. And there are significantly less resources.

Feed the Need Missions serves hundreds of burgers each week to people in our various communities in those small towns.

We also reach out to communities across the country that have been affected by major disasters and help them work through their crisis.

Feed the Need Missions is 100% supported by individual donors and receives no government funding.


When It's Hard to Love

When you hear the word “love,” what comes to mind? Most of us think of our spouses, children, family, or friends. We think of people who are easy to love, because they love us back. We often don’t think about those who are hard to…
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What Legends are Made Of

If you are ready to maximize the ultimate measure of your life, you can rest assured that Feed the Need Missions is an avenue through which you can make a major impact on those in most need and also reflect the character and values of Dr King.

Reflections for a New Year

Welcome to 2021—A brand new year is here!    While New Year’s Day as a holiday has no biblical significance, this doesn’t mean Christians shouldn’t pause and reflect on the turning of the calendar. A new year can remind…

2021 Challenge: Trade Personal Resolutions for Community Revitalization

In case you hadn't heard, the first seven days of January have officially been dubbed "New Year's Resolution Week." This week the entire internet has been inundated with "new year, new you" messaging, social media posts touting 'words of…

Promises & Prayers of Christmas

For the world, Christmas has become a commercialized frenzy of crazed shoppers who trample each other underfoot while trying to get a good deal on shoes, games, and clothing. It seems so many have forgotten the true significance of the birth…
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Thanksgiving Gobble Kits Impact Stories

2020 was a record year for the Feed the Need Missions Gobble Kit program. Over the course of four Gobble Kit distribution days in November, we served Thanksgiving meal kits to eight Texas communities, with the help of more than 250 volunteers,…
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Feed the Need With Us On Giving Tuesday

What is Giving Tuesday? In the coming days, you will likely see social media and email inbox flooded with requests to give for Giving Tuesday. But what exactly is it? Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement designed to empower…

Prayers of Thanksgiving

When you gather at the Thanksgiving table this year, gratitude will certainly be a theme on the minds of both you and your loved ones. From saying a blessing over your Thanksgiving meal to reflecting on all you have, Thanksgiving prayers…

How Churches Can Boost Volunteerism Right Now

Church Volunteerism in the Age of COVID-19 Even in the best of times, churches have to work creatively and proactively to keep volunteerism up. In fact, 50% of pastors feel like this is the biggest challenge they face. One unique…


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