The odds of living in poverty are more than 2X higher in small towns than in big cities. And there are significantly less resources.

Feed the Need Missions serves hundreds of burgers each week to people in our various communities in those small towns.

We also reach out to communities across the country that have been affected by major disasters and help them work through their crisis.

Feed the Need Missions is 100% supported by individual donors and receives no government funding.


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Feed the Need With Us On Giving Tuesday

What is Giving Tuesday? In the coming days, you will likely see social media and email inbox flooded with requests to give for Giving Tuesday. But what exactly is it? Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement designed to empower…

Prayers of Thanksgiving

When you gather at the Thanksgiving table this year, gratitude will certainly be a theme on the minds of both you and your loved ones. From saying a blessing over your Thanksgiving meal to reflecting on all you have, Thanksgiving prayers…

How Churches Can Boost Volunteerism Right Now

Church Volunteerism in the Age of COVID-19 Even in the best of times, churches have to work creatively and proactively to keep volunteerism up. In fact, 50% of pastors feel like this is the biggest challenge they face. One unique…


One of the most amazing things about of being a part of Feed the Need Missions is watching God’s promises fulfilled. When we began serving the community 10 years ago, President Jonah Beyer and the team prayed diligently to understand God’s…
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Volunteer Story: Debbie and Lewis

The ushering in of fall brings many a sense of joy and thanksgiving. For Debbie and Lewis, our Giddings site leaders, this is no exception. This season has brought special change for them that we are excited to share. The Giddings site is newly…

Site Updates: Gobble Kits

Put the GIVING in Thanksgiving Dinner This Year Famed English poet Wiliam Blake once wrote, “The thankful recipient bears a plentiful harvest.” As holiday hustle and bustle begin to surface once again, our minds and to-do lists are already…

Pray & Reflect With Us: A Season of Change

Autumn is a time for change. Weather changes, time changes, colors change, deadlines change, housework increases, sports have started and it’s a time to be thankful during all the changes. Let’s pray together for the month of October and…

The Beyond Gala Update

What an incredible night we had for The Beyond Gala. We are “Beyond Thankful” for those who gave, participated, prayed and were involved. In a short time of 1 1/2 hours we raised $80,000. With this being our first virtual Gala we are incredibly…

Pray & Reflect With Us: Disaster Preparedness Month

September is Disaster Preparedness Month, and this year we are encountering two disasters in September: COVID-19 and Hurricane Laura. What an adventure we have been on and very grateful for the relationships we are building. Please pray with…


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