Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Efforts

We have set up a page with the latest in Mission U-Too’s Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts. Please check there for the most up-to-date information regarding the needs we have as we kick it into high gear to serve our neighbors affected by flooding and other devastation from Harvey.

Mission U-Too is working on assessing the situation and preparing to jump in where we can. Right now, we have a small team providing food and a listening ear at the Smithville shelter for those who have been evacuated in the Bastrop area. We will continue to provide support as long as it is needed. As for other areas, we will continue to monitor where we might be needed, but right now everyone’s safety is a priority.

Currently, the biggest need is for donations. Please consider giving to help Mission U-Too serve those affected by this disaster. Click on the button above to give today.


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  1. Scott Cearley
    Scott Cearley says:

    Keeping your teams and efforts in my prayers. I know the heart of the Mission U-Too organization. Any contributions will go directly to their efforts of feeding and comforting those affected by the devastation left behind in Harvey’s path. May God richly bless all of you.

    • Shannon from Mission U-Too
      Shannon from Mission U-Too says:

      Thanks so much for your generosity! Right now donations are the best way to help us serve Harvey victims.


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