Disaster Relief Story: The Robertson Family

It is hard to believe at this time last year our Feed the Need Missions Disaster Relief Team was coming together in person and in prayer as we cleaned up the devastation Hurricane Harvey so angrily left behind. For the month of September we will be sharing information and stories with you, our faithful readers for National Preparedness Month.

As the water was slowly coming into their house, The Robertson Family moved as many of their belongings as they could to their second floor. Hurricane Harvey was showing its relentless power through tornadoes and heavy down pours in their home town of Cypress, Texas.

The water began quickly rising leaving no practical way out of their subdivision safely. Blake Robertson gathered his wife, Mary and their three children into the master bedroom and began to pray. Just as they said,“Amen,”  Jonah our President at Feed the Need Missions called Blake to asked if his team could assist them in getting out. “We were scared and didn’t know what to do. Our other friends were trying to get to us but they didn’t have a boat. When we received the call we knew it was from God answering our prayer,” Mary said.

The small fishing boat was launched into the deep water just off the highway. Feed the Need Missions Disaster Relief Team made their way into the Robertson’s subdivision and to their home. After tears of joy and comforting hugs, they all boarded the boat and began their journey to safety leaving all their possessions behind. They all worked tirelessly together to maneuver through the water and debris. “If you guys didn’t come and help who knows what the outcome would have been,” Mary said.

A few short days later Feed the Need Missions was set up in the parking lot of The Robertson’s church. As Mary was leaving the church she found Jonah’s wife, Christy, and gave her a big hug saying, “Thank you for allowing Jonah and his team to rescue us.” As they embraced, Mary tears were trickling down her face.

Christy then invited Mary to take home a few sack meals to feed her family. Mary said, “I can’t do that. There’s other people out here that need it more than me.” Christy replied, “We are here to serve everyone Mary.” With tears rolling down her cheeks and a smile on her face, she grabbed five bags to take home to feed her family.

Looking back a year later The Robertson Family is so thankful for the helping hands of our Feed the Need Missions Disaster Relief Team. “I’m not sure how my family can be prepared for the next disaster but it’s comforting to know we have friends who can help. We are forever grateful for you guys,” Mary said with tears of thankfulness filling her eyes.


Help us be prepared for the unthinkable today.

Did you know September is National Preparedness Month? Since 2011 Feed the Need Missions has served communities hit with devastating floods, tornadoes, fires, and hurricanes with a hot meal, listening ear, and encouragement.

Can you help us be prepared to respond to the next disaster and make a donation today? Your gift of $10, $25, or $50 will help us respond quicker and serve more people when disaster strikes.

While we never hope for a disaster, we know your support will help us be even more prepared to respond when disaster does come our way.


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