Never-ending JOY!

Barbara, a retired gym teacher from Franklin, Texas lost her home in the Franklin F3 Tornado. “I was laying on my bedroom floor when the roof was lifted off of my house,” she said. Her aged father was in a closet in the hallway. “All I could do was pray, and pray hard,” she said with tears.

She brings so much joy to her community, before and after the tornado. In fact, people kept telling us how much joy she still brings to them even though she lost everything, including her three vehicles. When asked about her joy, she said, “Why let it get you down? All lives were spared by the grace of God. He didn’t have to do that.”

Like Barbara, many others got to experience what the love of Christ is all about. “I came here every morning, and every evening and sometimes at lunch time too. I could have easily went to other places giving out free food, but there is just something special about you people, I know it’s God, but come on, there must be something else,” she would tell us with a hug.

Barbara touched our hearts too. Watching the joy and her being strong for her community was endless. She welcomed everyone with open arms and asked every single person how they were doing. Some days she cried, but most days she had a smile. On our last day of serving she came by and hugged us all and said, “You have helped me so much in ways I can’t even describe, if my house is built by Christmas, you can all come to my house for Christmas dinner so I can feed you like you did for me and the community.”

Feed the Need Missions has wrapped up our time serving those affected by the tornado in Franklin, Texas, however we are always preparing to respond to the next disaster.

Can you partner with Feed the Need Missions and help us be prepared when a disaster strikes by providing a donation today? Simply click the donate button and designate your gift to disaster relief. Thank you!

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