Every week until the end of the year we will be sharing stories from each of our six communities. Each of our communities serve anyone who stops by, but we have noticed that at each site similar stories start to pop up. We see God using our volunteers and those that come to grow and build relationships with those in Christ. Here are just a few of the stories from our location in Giddings.

GIDDINGS serves on average 150+ meals every Sunday at the Giddings Food Pantry. There is so much brokenness within families and people in the community. We have been able to take the time to listen, build trust, and teach about forgiveness. This has allowed the community to be able to grow healthy relationships.


Kathi serves at our Giddings location. Being in a wheel chair and not able to serve at most places, she found herself overjoyed to be able to serve.

Kathi was adopted to a loving Italian family at a young age. She was taught how to cook by her adoptive father who she dearly adored. “I wasn’t always treated the best as a child and I became bitter as I got older. I needed something more positive in my life.”

Previously coming from a church that didn’t serve the community other than trying to get people signed up for their beliefs, Kathi realized that “it’s not about brownie points or doing good things.” She now attends a church that cares for and accepts people for who they are. It is through her new church where she heard about Feed the Need Missions.

“I needed a place I could serve around positive people. I sit in my wheelchair, serve the community and share a smile. Being here brings a glow to me and warms my heart. I try to treat people the way I want to be treated. When I’m in a bad mood I just remember those that have it worse than I do. This place has helped me realize I am blessed and not to feel sorry for myself.”

Kathi came wanting community and a place she could get involved. And she has now found a place where she can serve. “You guys even lower one of the tables for me so I can serve. You don’t have to do, but you choose to, that’s Christ love,” she said.


The Garcia Family has been serving at our Giddings location for two years. They live on the outskirts of Giddings in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. Adrianna (mom) and Jose (dad) have four children: Pablo, Adrianna, Angela and Jose. They attend a local Catholic church in Giddings.

Feed the Need Missions started out serving the family. Then after a few weeks the kids would serve while mom observed. A few months passed and Mrs. Garcia started serving with her children, and now Mr. Garcia comes to grill.

Angela (9 years old) said, “I like to come for the people. And the burger too, but I like to serve.” Mrs. Garcia takes the leftover food and gives it out to their community. She gives so much to those in her community while they struggle themselves. Mrs. Garcia has also opened her home to several of the volunteers for many occasions, even despite the language barrier.


This is the kind of difference you are making when you give to support our communities.  With your help, Feed the Need Missions will continue to provide a safe place people like Kathi and The Garcia Family can gather for a hot meal each week, a place where you see the love of Christ in action.

Can you help Feed the Need Missions continue serving each week by making a generous contribution of $25, $50, or $100 today? And if you give by the end of the year, thanks to a generous matching gift, your donation will be DOUBLED—up to $12,000—to make an even larger impact in the lives of so many people in our communities.

So don’t delay, give today so you can DOUBLE your gift and help even more people like Mike experience unconditional love.


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