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Every week until the end of the year we will be sharing stories from each of our six communities. Each of our communities serve anyone who stops by, but we have noticed that at each site similar stories start to pop up. We see God using our volunteers and those that come to grow and build relationships with those in Christ. Here are just a few of the stories from our location Bastrop North.

BASTROP NORTH serves on average 180+ meals every Sunday at the Bastrop Housing Authority. There used to be many fights and drug-related incidents in the area, and police officials were called on a regular basis. Since we have started serving here, we have seen the community come together and people are finding hope and seeing positive changes in the area.



Eunice has been serving with Feed the Need Missions for four years. She started coming to Feed the Need Bastrop North when the site first started. She lives right down the street from our site and was interested in what was going on down her street every week. She came for a burger about two months after we started the site.

Eunice lives with her daughter in the Housing Authority of Bastrop. She has many medical difficulties and on a fixed income. Her and her daughter moved to Texas 17 years ago and her daughter was helping take care of her, until her daughter became sick. Now Eunice is her caregiver.

Now that Feed the Need is not even a half block away from their residence, Eunice is able to take food back to her daughter where they sit and eat together. Eunice said “Now we can actually sit together and have a meal that I don’t have to cook up and clean up. We can actually sit and talk and enjoy each other’s company.”

“I have an opportunity to come into the community to do a positive thing. I can now serve those in need too. I sit at home a lot of times with nothing to do. Getting out has helped me mentally and physically,” she said with a smile and holding her heart.

Eunice is now serving on the line with us, and is a prayer warrior for those that come and need prayer. Eunice is getting involved in the lives of those in her community through a burger. She said, “Feed the Need Missions is my family now. I have lost my mother and all of my siblings. This has helped me stay positive and know that people care and bring hope. I can share that hope with others. You’re all a blessing.”



“My name is Gayla and I live in Bastrop. I have attended several of the Feed the Need sites, but I now live closer to the Bastrop North site.”

Gayla lost her husband a few months after she started attending. She was having a hard time adjusting to this huge change, and some of our volunteers noticed. A few of the ladies from Feed the Need Missions reached out to her, and several came together to make the meal for the memorial service, while others helped pack her house for a fresh start. “You were all I had except for a few of my children. I had nowhere to turn and you have been there for me through everything,” she said.

“Now I come so I don’t have to cook, but to also see everyone. I have hope again and my relationship with God is growing. It takes dedicated and true people to come out here every week and serve,” she included.


This is the kind of difference you are making when you give to support our communities.  With your help, Feed the Need Missions will continue to provide a safe place people like Eunice and Gayla can gather for a hot meal each week, a place where you see the love of Christ in action.

Can you help Feed the Need Missions continue serving each week by making a generous contribution of $25, $50, or $100 today? And if you give by the end of the year, thanks to a generous matching gift, your donation will be DOUBLED—up to $12,000—to make an even larger impact in the lives of so many people in our communities.

So don’t delay, give today so you can DOUBLE your gift and help even more people like Mike experience unconditional love.


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