When Joe’s mother left him to survive on his own as a child, he turned to the world of gangs and drugs for survival. As he rose in the ranks of this “street militia,” a wake of deaths followed, including the devastating loss of his son. Consumed with grief, Joe found himself living on the streets, addicted to drugs. Desperate, he began looking for answers and relief.

Joe visited a Feed the Need Missions site, where he heard the Gospel message. As he listened, the darkness in his heart was pierced, and Joe embraced a saving faith in Jesus Christ. “My heart feels different,” he shares. “I’m going to go to church. I’m stone-cold sober, and I’m going to stay that way. Jesus is giving me strength.”

Feed the Need Missions has been instrumental in his growth. “You’re caring. You show us the right way to do things, you helped me to understand. I trust you.” After a recent diagnosis with terminal cancer, Joe is leaning into Jesus, resisting drugs. “My body hurts really bad, but I’m not hurting in my heart, and that makes all the difference to me.”

Now, Joe is using his time to spread the influence of Jesus through Feed the Need Missions. His access to the gangs near Bastrop-area sites gives him access and a unique position of influence. “You are being talked about. [Because of you] they won’t start trouble. They know it’s God.” The presence of Feed the Need Missions is changing the atmosphere of the communities it serves. And Joe is a part of that mission.

We know there are so many out there just like Joe, looking for hope in the darkness. Would you join us in reaching individuals, families and communities with Light of the World? Will you be the light with us?

YES! I’ll give to Feed the Need Missions today and help people like Joe experience the light of Christ through a free meal each week. Here is my gift: