Edie is a special lady who has become a powerful agent of wonder in her community because of  Feed the Need Missions. After walking through several traumatic experiences, the pain of  loss in her life created uncertainty and confusion in her heart.

Looking for answers and healing, Edie felt a pull to church. It was there that she met a pastor who challenged her to get out of her comfort zone and serve with Feed the Need Missions. The pastor saw real transformation happening through the ministry, not only for those who were receiving, but also in the lives of those who stepped up to serve.

Edie was reluctant at first. But as she grew in her faith, she realized it was time to actively share the Jesus she was experiencing. She took the challenge to visit and began to serve. “The first time I came out I was hooked. I don’t get hooked very easily. There’s just something out here that got me.” Over time, Edie blossomed. She went from a quiet consumer in the church pews to actively praying and discipling in her community.

Four years later, Edie has witnessed real life transformation because she was challenged and answered the call. “I see a lot of people that come and stick around. I’ve seen the town change. It’s just opened so many doors for physical and spiritual needs to be met—including my own.” Edie is now that agent of transformation she once needed, and she feels such awe at the thought that God has allowed her to share Christ and challenge others as she was challenged to grow and serve.

Would you join us in reaching others to ignite a sense of wonder among individuals, families and communities?

YES! I’ll give to Feed the Need Missions today and help people experience the wonder of Christ through a free meal each week. Here is my gift: