by Christy Beyer, Mission U-Too

“Got God” is what my new friend Cyndi from Mission U-Too always tells me. Mission U-Too is not just about a burger, it’s also about showing Christ love. Cyndi has been going to Mission U-Too Bastrop for 3 years now. She’s not an approachable woman. In fact I was a bit intimidated by her. When I served her in the line I couldn’t even look up at her. Now, Cyndi is my friend.

Cyndi and her family getting free burgersCyndi has had a rough upbringing and continues to struggle with past situations. She is a single mom with 3 girls and helps raise 7 grandchildren. I ask her how she gets through her days, and she always tells me I have God. When I’m having a hard day, Cyndi can see it on my face on Monday’s and without me saying anything to her she pipes up and says give it to God.

Because of financial struggles, kids being sick, grandkids, single mom, being HURT by local churches; she wouldn’t step foot in a church for the 3 years that I have known her. About a year ago is when Cyndi and I finally became friends. I have helped her through tough times, prayed with her, love her for who she is, and show her Christ love.

This past winter Cyndi’s daughter had a concussion. She was admitted to Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin for migraines and dizziness. Tests after tests, tears after tears and 2 weeks of exhaustion. I went to visit them at the hospital and I brought Cyndi and her daughter a goody bag and some soda. This was the day when Cyndi completely put her trust in me and knew she could count on me for anything.

Cyndi and Christy visitingAt our bible study on Monday night, Cyndi doesn’t always get to stay to listen to the message, but this past Monday she was able to stay and participate. The message was about church, and if you need to go to church. Because Cyndi hasn’t gone to church for many years, she thought that doing a small lesson with a few women was her church. In other words she was making excuses about going back to church.

This past Sunday God told Cyndi it was time. She had Facebook messaged me asking for directions to the church and which service we attend. When I saw the message I had to re-read it a few times. I was so excited I told Jonah right away. Jonah’s words were “that’s awesome, hope she shows up.” Of course I wasn’t too excited anymore knowing that, was a possibility of her not showing.

During worship I looked over as one of the Ushers was seating her and my heart jumped for joy. She actually did come! She brought all 7 of her grandbabies. That’s a lot of paperwork to fill out! All of the children loved Sunday school class. They loved it so much that all 7 came back for VBS for the week.

God changes hearts and lives. Sometimes it may take a few years, but were to never give up on them. I will continue to walk with my new friend through her journey regardless if she becomes a member or not. She will always look at me and know if I gave all my struggles and pains over to Christ. Her words will never go forgotten “If you GOT GOD, give it to God.” What a beautiful reminder.

Because of Mission U-Too I probably would have never met Cyndi!

Christy Beyer is Jonah’s wife and serves by his side every week she helps with mentoring the women and family’s that Mission U-Too touches.

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