Praying for Others

by Rebecca Barker, Bastrop South Site Coordinator:

About two years ago, I met Sandra.  She was having a bad day, struggling with several different issues in her life. Between her children, husband and work, she was overwhelmed.  That evening I had the first opportunity to pray with her.   We prayed about everything, even the smallest details.  This began a weekly blessing, for both of us.  She’s said many times how her week is not complete without our time together, she HAS to have her prayer.

When Mission U-Too moved locations, she didn’t know where the new location was.  I didn’t see her for probably 4 months.  It felt like a void.  You see, by spending time praying with and for her, I was blessed.  I have seen so much growth in her walk with the Lord and the pure joy that radiates from her, that I have become encouraged in my own walk. God has shown me how faithful He is to us through our prayers and our persistence in them. God was teaching me as I served her and I truly felt that our time together was for both of our growth.

Sandra had heard through a friend where the new location was.  God led her back to Mission U-Too!  And the time we’ve spent praying has been even more amazing.  I didn’t think it was possible to radiate even more joy than she did before.  What’s so amazing is that her life is not much better than it was when I first met her.  God is definitely moving and answering prayer, but Satan is hitting her harder and more viciously than before, too.  But through it all, she simply loves the Lord and trusts his timing and seeks me for prayer on Monday’s. Sandra has been so incredible to watch her grow in her walk even against the attacks.

Rebecca Barker started serving with Mission U-Too in 2010 when we first began to spread to other cities.

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