It’s an uncertain time for so many of us. Illness, social distancing, job loss, new school protocols, pay cuts, lost loved ones … this list goes on. Now, more than ever is the time to hit our knees in prayer. Prayers are needed for our kids, our schools, our healthcare system, our families, our government, our country, our world…and moms. As we get closer to Mother’s Day let’s pray specifically for our moms.

Heavenly Father, Our moms are tired. You see the demands of their days. You know the demands of their family and of their work. And Jesus, You hear the cry of their heart. You know the exhaustion of mind, body, and spirit’s more intimately than even they know.

Jesus, I ask that you revive them right now. We know you give power to the faint, and increase strength to those who have no might.

Give them rest, Father — physical, emotional, and spiritual — so they can serve and love more abundantly. Your Word says to come to you, all who are weary and you will give them rest. Give them your yoke and wrap your loving arms around their soul, for their burden is light.

Help the lovely moms to learn from you, Jesus – you know the need to be alone and rest. Now Lord, help the moms to make time for this and recognize the opportunities you’ve provided.

Father, I thank you for your love and understanding and I put my trust in you right now. I thank you for your promises and praise you for your goodness!

In the peaceful name of Jesus, Amen.

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