Impact Stories: Stony Point

From now until the end of the year we will be sharing stories from each of our sites across Texas. Every site has the same mission: to feed people physically and spiritually. We see God using our volunteers and those that come to grow and build relationships with those in Christ. Here are just a few of the stories from our sites this past year.

STONY POINTserves every Monday starting at 5:30pm at Stony Point Park located at 121 Stony Creek Drive, De Valle. TX 78617.


David is married to his lovely bride for 42 years and have two kids and thirteen grandkids, not to mention four great-grandchildren too. “A few years ago I started serving with Rebecca. I had to stop serving because I was not in a good spot in my own life. I struggled with who I was and I didn’t have the capacity to pour into others the way I needed too,” David said.

Currently things have changed in David’s life. He attended a training at his Church and decided he was ready to start serving again. “I really enjoy seeing the faces of those we serve and to share Gods word with them. I’m an act of service kind of person by nature and like to help people. I enjoy serving others,” he said.

“By serving I have been able to open up more and come out of my shell. I use to be a recluse person and it’s helped me do a full 180. It’s opened my eyes to learn about others and to share stories. It has also helped me open my eyes to the Holy Spirit and my walk with Christ,” David said.


“My wife heard about a school over here in Stony Point that was hiring. She came and drove around the area and saw you guys out here serving. She knew I have a servant heart and this would be something I would be interested in, that was one year ago,” Nat said.

Nat wrestled with his work schedule and being involved with his church. He had a hard time finding the time to serve with Feed the Need Missions. “You guys came to my church and did a training and I participated. I fell in love with the ministry. This is God’s work,” he said. A week or so after the training his relative, Charlie, who serves at the Bastrop location, told Nat he was needed in Stony Point. Soon after Nat came to the site.

“I’m plugged in now. I come here and do Table Talk with our guests. I translate it to them in Spanish to help them understand the gospel. It feels great to help out, and share God’s love, and it’s also helping me grow,” he said with a big smile.


When you give to support our communities, people’s hearts and lives are being changed.

With your help, Feed the Need Missions will continue to provide a hot meal and share the love and message of Christ to those in our communities each week.

Can you help Feed the Need Missions continue serving each week by making a generous contribution of $25, $50, or $100 today? Without your generosity, people like David and Nat, might not get to hear about the love of the gospel and what it truly means to have people who love and support you where you are.

Don’t delay, give now and make a difference in your community today.

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