A Letter from Bob

My name is Bob Herrod and I’m in a program called Teen Challenge. Here is my story:

When I got here I was pretty messed up in the head. I had agreed to go to Teen Challenge.  Not knowing what this place was, I agreed to try the program because I was now homeless.  My mind was not accepting that I was homeless, but the reality is, I was. I kept saying to myself this is not happening because just 8 months ago I had a house; a place to call home. And I lost it all.

I began to drink more and soon I was in trouble with the law. I was trying pretty hard to get a job, but nothing was happening, and my money was drying up. I knew I was in trouble when my money was completely gone and I owed court costs and fines. Still living out of my car, I knew soon I would be going to jail for not paying my fines. That’s when Tom Slavin with Mission U-Too offered to help me in a way that no one has ever offered me before.

Tom told me about Teen Challenge and what it was all about. He suggested for me to consider going into the program.  So, I looked into it. I was very skeptical of what it entailed. I must have read over the program format a 100 times before I was willing to give it a try.  What I gathered from reading about the program, it’s a very controlled atmosphere and required a lot of self-discipline in order to get along with others, and it was a Bible based faith program. It’s also a place where troubled young adults come to try and get their life back together through prayer and Bible study, manual labor, and other work related jobs in and out of the facility.

I have been here going on 7 months, since January. I have found Teen Challenge to be a very interesting life style. Not one I ever envisioned going thru, but none the less I am here, and adjusting to the program the best that I can. I did not come here because I wanted too. However learning about the Bible for the 1st time in my 50 plus years on earth, has been an awakening to say the least. Everything I was afraid of, I’m still fearful of, but I do understand the concept on why we are here on earth and our purpose on earth.

The counselors talk about the level of Christianity I am now, and what I should be upon graduation time. I am “A Baby in Christ” which is ok with me, because babies learn very fast. I like reading the Bible and what I’m learning about man and how weak we really are.

Human nature is not far from being a wild animal. We have characteristics of being wild like untamed creatures. We act like untamed creatures a lot in our daily lives, especially when we react to situations abruptly and it causes ourselves more unnecessary aggravations. The Bible on the other hand, teaches us to be patient and to think before talking, and to listen rather than be heard; to say things that are of encouragement rather than being demanding and negative. The Bible also teaches us how to live our lives through Jesus Christ and how to be more like Him. We need to be obedient to God, and to seek his guidance in everything we do, and we need to pray to Jesus.

I am learning that if I stick to the bibles life living concepts, and commandments, my life will continue to change considerably for the better. I can feel myself better in my mind, body, and soul. And when I forget to do these things on a daily basis, I feel convicted and I feel like something not good is going to happen.

The word of God is like food for our peace of mind.  It nourishes our souls and creates peace over our lives. But without the word, it makes us hungry!  We need God’s word, just like we need food for our bodies. We need a dose of God every day for our well-being. And if nothing else, His word is an amazing thing; it makes you feel God and feel good.

I am Bob Herrod and I am in transformation

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