As we enter into the Holiday season Mission U-Too feels the needs of our communities more. So many families around the world struggle with the Holiday season approaching and finding themselves in more of a depression mode than a normal day. As the bible tells us in Matthew “man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”.

We need to put our trust in our Savior knowing that He is all we need and we need to share that with others. As Christians we need to make ourselves available to others. Join us in praying for our communities. Pray for God’s divine intervention in your life as to where you need to serve this Holiday season.

Mission U-Too has many opportunities for you to join us, not just for the Holiday’s, but also for spreading the gospel and going out and serving in your community. As you pray for where you need to be serving consider praying with those around you. We need to be the light of this broken world, especially in times like this; as the government is pulling back on funds, so many of those that are on welfare or food stamps will go hungry. Right here in our own back yards!

The bible tells us to give to His kingdom. Not only does that mean your time, but that also means your finances or stuff that is sitting around that others could need. Giving with a givers heart can win a person to Christ. Are you that person? God is calling us believers to step out on Faith and trust in the Lord with or money and our hearts.

Mission U-Too is a non-profit who exists to feed physically and spiritually. We need your help in supporting this mission as we move forward spreading the great news. Now is the time friends, to take the next step and pray, serve and give. Consider and believe in our Ministry; join hands with us to make a difference. Another avenue of missions involvement is generous giving of the money God is blessing you with.

by Jason Bray, Board Member

Those three actions along with Christ choosing to use us is what makes up a Mission U-Too community.  We can accomplish nothing outside of Christ which is why it is imperative that we pray for the unified direction of these Mission U-Too communities.  Only through prayer can Christ use us to soften the hearts of his children that are in darkness.  This is why I have listed prayer first.  Prayer is powerful, and we’ve seen it work miracles in every place Mission U-Too has been.  So I kindly ask that all of you seek Christ on behalf of Mission U-Too to continue shining light into the darkness where ever He would have us to go.

If you have ever been to more than one Mission U-Too location you’ve experienced how different each one really is in it’s own setting.  Tom in Kingsland is an outspoken individual that is constantly praying to bring Christ to those that don’t have it in his area.  Through prayer God even opened a door for him to bring Jesus into jails where they have no choice but to listen to him, awesome;)  This didn’t all happen by chance, Tom prayed, Tom served, Tom gave, and Christ did and is still going to do amazing things through Tom because Tom’s heart is after Christ.

Rebecca in Bastrop is another example of how prayer can change a person to be more like Christ.  Many of us think of serving, what that may look like for ourselves and our families, but then life happens and we get busy and don’t give it a second thought.  Rebecca fought through this battle, and Christ has used her compassion to reach many people in Bastrop.  She used to be the quietest one around Mission U-Too, and now Christ uses her to actually give the bible lesson and pray for countless people that live in that community.

Chas, George, and the families up in Round Rock have shown true expression of faith through the path that God has taken them to be involved with Mission U-Too.  They wanted to see people changed and lives infected with the love of Christ, and Jesus gave them that opportunity to serve in there community.  Now every saturday at a public school they set up and get to develop relationships that Christ will use to redeem people to himself.  Jesus makes it so easy for us to be used by him, and even more so uses us to actually do good!

WE don’t deserve any of this, nor do any of us in Mission U-Too take credit for anything that has happened and will happen.  Through prayer, serving, and giving we are excited to see how Christ will continue using Mission U-Too for his kingdom.  This is an adventure for us, and we would like to ask you to become a part of that journey beginning with prayer, then serving, and giving.

Jason Bray would lead worship for the Kingsland location when God put it on his hart to take the vision to Bastrop in2010. Thus begin the actual nonprofit being in two different towns with the same purpose. His family lives in Bastrop, Texas and is actively involved with leadership development.

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