MOPS: Love in Action

When I think back to some the most challenging years of my life I can easily say the years of having small children in tow stands out! I don’t know how you feel, but I can remember the pendulum of emotions welling up even now. One moment feeling the deepest sense of gratitude toward the Lord for these little gifts… SWING! I am a complete failure after realizing what I just feed them for dinner. SWING! My heart melts at the belly laugh from a little mini-me and the reverberation in my soul of what Jesus must feel every time I laugh with Him. SWING! How can He even trust me with these little babes when I can’t remember to take the trash out the night before it gets picked up?

What I do know is that a community of people can help us see what we cannot, feel what we are meant to feel, follow who we are suppose to follow. In fact a community of people that takes time to elevate one another toward the One that defines support is where we need to be. MOPS meets that for many young moms in the Bastrop community. These women take time to focus on each other and the kids they are raising like very few in the world do. This past November MOPS took it upon themselves to go beyond what seemed feasible and choose to serve “the least of these”. They collectively participated in our Gobble Kit program and together supplied 43 kits and fed 258 people that would have not had a Thanksgiving meal.

This past week Feed the Need Missions was provided a small chance to give back and say THANK YOU! At MOPS we witnessed joy and compassion. Intention and Hope. Faith in action and a modeling of true love! I doubted wether any mom would even eat a burger at 10am in the morning. But…. a hot meal (they didn’t have to prepare), and a place for Jesus-centered fellowship reminded me of the patients he showed me as a young parent. If you want or need community consider this my invitation to be loved as a family through MOPS or love a family in need through Feed the need Missions. Either way, you will find Jesus here!

Written by Sean Tangen

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