Meet Tamika! She is a long-time Smithville resident and regular guest at the Smithville site. Tamika is one of many guests who have attended weekly site gatherings since the beginning of the site’s launch. Tamika is a dedicated guest. She is usually the first one at the site, even before the volunteer team arrives. Not only is she the first to arrive, but she is also the last to leave. You will always find her with a smile on her face.

Tamika’s curiosity brought her out to the site. She was intrigued by what she saw, and it kept her coming back week after week. “I saw a lot of people, good people and I wanted to check it out,” Tamika shared. “I really liked the hospitality and the personalities [of the volunteers].”  Tamika found the weekly cookout to be inviting, hospitable and engaging.

Tamika, by her own admission, is quite shy; large crowds can be difficult at times. However, this does not hinder her getting out each week.  “There were a lot of good Bible verses I heard, and I love the music,” Tamika recalls. She has found herself growing in God’s word each week as she participates in Table Talk. “I’ve learned to be more open with people and it has helped work me out of my shyness.”

Like so many of us, Tamika has experienced her fair share of heartbreak and difficulties.  Though the trials of life have left bruises and scars, she chooses to hold tight to hope. Tamika has recently made the decision to follow Jesus and is trusting her future to him. Pray for Tamika as she begins her new faith journey!
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