Site Story: Giving Back

Seven year old Kate wanted to make some money this summer for her own spending, but also to give back to her community. Exploring ideas, she decided to use her creativity to make bracelets. Faithful community members came together to support Kate’s entrepreneurial spirit and bought several bracelets for her to pass out to people visiting our Bastrop sites. Kate just wanted to put a smiles on people’s faces.

“Well, I wanted to make bracelets because I thought it would be fun way to earn money and I just thought people would like it. I know a lot of people I know support Feed the Need Missions, and I thought they would like the opportunity to support Feed the Need Missions and get a bracelet too!
I’m glad I was able give bracelets to people at Feed the Need Missions because it seemed to brighten their day.”

Kate spent her money wisely while tithing to her church and giving money to Feed the Need Missions to continue feeding people physically and spiritually. Thank you, Kate for giving back and supporting Feed the Need Missions. If you would like to give back like Kate, click this LINK to read more about ways you can help our communities.

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