It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2019! I always take some time during the last few days of the year to reflect on this past year, and come up with some goals for the year ahead. And since I know I’m not alone, and a few days late, I have a little trick for anyone who is having trouble coming up with a good New Year’s resolution…

If you haven’t thought of your 2019 New Year’s resolution yet, start by choosing one word from the list below that has the most significance for you. Think of what exactly that word means to you, and then form a specific resolution to focus on for 2019 based on that word:

– love
– joy
– peace
– patience
– kindness
– empathy
– goodness
– gentleness
– faithfulness
– self control
– steadfastness
– persistence
– service

Which word from the list above would you choose?

The word that I chose from the list was joy. My resolution is to plan more activities that bring me joy. I need to be better about enjoying life. Whether that means playing with my dogs, going to the park, trying out a new recipe, hanging out with the ladies, and going to conferences. I am going to make sure I take the time to have fun!

I am also going to spend more time learning about God’s word and what He has for me for 2019. I challenge you to also pick up your bible and just read a verse each day. Allow God to place the JOY in your heart by his word.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Linda Granzow
    Linda Granzow says:

    Steadfastness is my word from this list. I want to perservere and be steady and constant in my walk with the Lord. Also to be steadfast in praying for others especially my children and my neighbors and Ministries like; Feed the Need and Life Choices FRC. We have so much to give, let’s not grow weary in doing good and bringing glory to our Heavenly Father.


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