Carol’s Transformation


My Story – My New Life – My Transformation with Mission U-Too
by Carol L Palermo

I was born and raised in the heart of Houston, Texas and came to Bastrop, Texas just this past January 2014.

I was raised in a middle class family with both of my parents working. I have two siblings, a sister and brother; we spent a lot of time with my Grandma Taft on the weekends and after school. I treasured my time with her. I came to hear of Jesus through my grandmother, I remember watching her sitting on the edge of her bed and taking out her bible and praying every night, and reading Psalm 23 every time we were together. I remember watching the Greatest Story Ever Told with her and crying my eyes out not understanding why Jesus had to die (I think I was at least 5 or 6). Little did I know what and how God would show me why and how he would save me when I was older. I came to Christ 3-7-04 after years of the Lord speaking and patiently waiting on my heart. I believe it was because of my grandmother and my mother’s prayers that I came to Christ. I believe that I have a purpose and that God has a plan, although I struggle sometimes wondering what it may be.

I believe I found one of my purposes with Mission U-Too and serving.

The impact Mission U-Too has had on me is amazing to say the least. I started serving with Mission U-Too this past summer and thought that I would go and serve dinner to others that were in need, but didn’t realize how much in need I was in and how seeing the faces of the people we serve every week would lift me up and help me to see that we are truly a family in Christ Jesus and here to seek and save those that are lost and in need whatever that may be. This is not about being better than someone else, this is not about having more than the other person, this is about people longing for something more and Christ drawing their hearts to him through a burger or a hot dog and Mission U-Too being the vessel to offer that opportunity.

For us that serve with Mission U-Too maybe seeing that even in this world and all of its sadness, we get a glimmer of hope and peace when we see each other every week and seeing how Christ is transforming those that we walk alongside of and serve. There truly is a sparkle in those that I serve and I have chosen to believe in them when the world says, “no they aren’t worth anything.” I know the value of each person now and the impact that each of us has to one another.

I choose to believe in Jesus and his love because I see changes and transformations going on in the hearts of those that I serve and work alongside of in Mission U-Too. My transformation came when I laid down all of my assumptions of people and places and truly served and loved from my heart, the way Jesus asks us to. “We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19.

Don’t look at the man, look at his heart.

Christ gave me a gift this summer and that is the family of Mission U-Too and those that I serve. I am truly grateful to Jesus for this opportunity and outpouring of his love on me through this season of my life.

My name is Carol Lynn Palermo and my life has been blessed because of Mission U-Too.

Carol Palermo is a volunteer at our Bastrop location.

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