Prayer for Jeff and Don

Jeff and Don are 2 middle aged men who have been homeless in Bastrop for several years. Jeff became homeless by getting himself in trouble with the law and he could never get back on his feet. Don lost his job a few years ago and he and his girlfriend lost their house and she became ill and needed to be put in a nursing home, which left Don stranded in Bastrop and on the streets. These two men have been best friends since the day they met and are both alcoholics.

Mission U-Too has been feeding Jeff and Don for 3 years. They come and get a hot meal and stay for the bible study every week. They both believe in say they believe in Jesus but are afraid to put their full trust in Him. Jeff shares stories with Jonah (Mission U-Too President), of what happens week by week. With the relationship that is being built with Jeff and Don, Jonah has been able to instill the gospel into Jeff’s heart. Not only have we been ministering to Jeff and Don about salvation, but also their addiction problem.

As the cold season has arrived in Texas early this year and the temperatures dipping down below 30’s in the evenings; makes it a cold night for us, who have a house and a nice warm bed let alone a cold ground to lay your head. Don had passed out one late afternoon while eating a warm bowl of soup at a nearby gas station. Jeff and the attendant thought Don was having a heart attack. It wasn’t a heart attack he was having a seizure because of a high fever. Don was rushed to a nearby hospital and then transported into Austin to a hospital that could care more for his needs and an overnight stay.

Don is still in the hospital today. We thought he was going to be able to be released Sunday 12/8/2013. Instead Don’s fever climbed again to a severe high fever that put him in ICU. Don is fighting pneumonia and needs your prayers. Doctors are running more blood work to see if they are missing another infection or something medically that could be wrong.

As Don is in the hospital Jeff has been all alone trying to keep warm. Jeff has been trying to find things to do to keep his mind off of his best friend who is fighting. Jeff has been going to the local church where we meet Monday’s to volunteer his time and to help Ms. Viola with an upcoming Christmas event at Primera Baptist Church. During this time of hardship, Ms. Viola has been speaking into Jeff’s heart.

Jeff is very vulnerable right now. Just like how we all can be during a time of sorrow and a depression stage because of the Holiday’s. Jeff is trying to stay sober and just a few days ago he was asked to join a rehab for alcoholics and his response was “I’m not ready.” Those of you who have dealt with addictions can relate to his comment. Jeff is slowly getting ready, and God is working miracles in Jeff’s heart. We are believing that Christ will grab a hold of him during this time of hardship and lead him to the path Jeff needs to be heading. Please friends, pray that Jeff will accept the offer of getting help and becoming a Christ believer as well as walking away from his addiction.

As believers in Christ we know we deal with trials and tribulations. We always want to know the reasoning of why me… Mission U-Too prayer warriors and volunteers are believing this could be the call from Christ. Sometimes it takes us to hit rock bottom before we can get picked back up again. Believe with us that this will be Jeff and Don’s turning point.

Merry Christmas and stay warm!

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