God is all we need!

by Christy Beyer, Mission U-Too

This was my first time going on a Mission trip. Even though I feel like I’m doing our own mission in our community, right in our back yard, this trip is very sentimental to me. The hearts of those in Oklahoma were hurt and a few that were hardened and a few that was over joyed. Their joy was because of Christ Jesus who told us He will never forsake us. I met a family from Africa that lived in Oklahoma for a few short years and their house was up rooted and lost everything. Even their cars and all the things that were sentimental to them.

Her name is Erica and she has two children name Nini and Delilah. Nini was short for Messiah (Prince) and he was turning 4 years. He sure was a fire cracker with so much energy and love. Delilah was 6 years old and very quiet and shy. I could see in her eyes that she was hurting and was angry. Erica was telling me she had driven by the Mission U-Too site, which was set up at a Nazarene church parking lot and would just drive by not knowing exactly what it was. She told me “I would see all these people over here hugging, eating and having a good time.” She was right but there was also time for tears, prayers and the gospel.

Erica is a strong believer in Christ. Being raised in Africa with next to nothing she knows how it feels to have nothing. She was a beautiful lady with a wonderful personality and was just looking for a hot meal to eat and someone she could tell her story too, her story about her walk with the Lord. In her exact words she said “So many people around here are so angry and bitter, and I know my God has a plan for me and my family and we are blessed.  We are blessed because we have a God of love.” She continued on saying “we may have lost everything but we didn’t lose our salvation. God never gives up on us.” We hear many people tell us that through our own struggles in life. This time she was going through the struggle and I was there to listen.

Erica shared introduced me to her Mother n Law who had been here for only 2 short weeks. She was here to help with the grandbabies and to visit her son. And then just a few short days later the second tornado came through. Their life was already complete chaos and to be hit a second time at a little house they were renting because of the loss of their first home; again they lost a few things they had purchased to try and start over again. Now they are in a hotel awaiting on the insurance company to release their payment to be able to build another home.

Erica was so selfless and so worried and concerned about everyone else around her. God told her she needed to stop at the Mission U-Too tent to share a word of encouragement. That person was me. The truth she spoke about our God being so loving and that we don’t deserve anything; not even a house; our health and all things on earth that was put here by mankind will one day be released to God or will burn. All we need in our life is a relationship with His son Jesus Christ. The passion that came from her voice gave me chills. I believe God sent me an angel to speak those words to me. I was supposed to be on this mission trip regardless of the pain and discomfort because of my back and hip condition. I needed to be a light and a smile to someone who needed to be inspired and Erica wasn’t there by accident because in return I needed to be inspired too.  We exchanged hugs and kisses on the cheek and her mother n law in her very soft African accent said “May God be with you, every step of HIS journey.” I hugged the children and said my goodbyes and little Delilah whispered to me and said “thank you for being a friend to my mommy and keep praying for us.”

This journey that I am on is the journey my God has put me on, by being obedient to Him and being Faithful in His truth. Mission U-Too was not put in our life just because, it was put in my family’s life for a season and a reason and I’m excited and opened to see where God is taking us next.

Christy Beyer is Jonah’s wife and serves by his side every week she helps with mentoring the women and family’s that Mission U-Too touches.

Send Christy a note at christy.beyer@feedtheneed.org.

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