We are going to be super creative today and make homemade scones with homemade buttermilk. This is a fun recipe to get your kids involved, and then take it to the table to have Bible time over breakfast with your family. 

Blackberry marinated chicken, grilled on a build your own salad with blackberry vinaigrette dressing, is a favorite salad recipe. Victoria’s daughter shared this recipe with her and she tweaked it a bit. She prepared the salad for the Feed the Need Missions prayer team lunch. 

Being a father is a big responsibility. Appreciate them always. Pray for them and your children. Thank them with gratitude and words of affirmation. Encourage them with acts of kindness.  As fathers/husbands work long nights, encourage them with a chocolate cake and a note.

Victoria’s oldest son became intrigued with cowboy Roy Rogers at age three. So every plate of food suddenly had to have a western name attached to it; this was one of his favorites thus Cowboy Casserole.