Reviewing last weeks lesson from Exodus 1-18.

Last week we discussed Exodus 1-18 and the different plagues God put upon Pharaoh and the Isrealites. How is everyone doing with reading their word? Spend a few minutes talking about how this is going what is working and what isn’t.

This upcoming week we will be discussing Exodus 19-40. God invites the Israelites into a covenant and comes to live among them in the Tabernacle, but Israel rebels and ruins the relationship. The Israelites come to Mt. Sinai, where God invites them into a covenant relationship. He wants to make them his representatives to all the nations and come to personally live in their midst. But Israel rebels by making an idol of the golden calf, which is just a really bad idea.


Watch the video from us.


Review the notes below.

After God delivers the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, He leads them through the wilderness back to Mt. Sinai where Moses first met Him in  the second half of the Book of Exodus. There, the Israelites prepare themselves for a miraculous encounter with the Lord – God Himself will come down to the top of the mountain, where He will fellowship and establish Abraham’s covenant with them!

Moses spends 40 days with Him on the mountain, but the Israelites are afraid and stay at the bottom. The story takes a tragic twist when Aaron helps the Israelites fashion a golden idol and worship it – right at the foot of the mountain – while Moses is away. God considers wiping them out for the atrocity and making a new nation from Moses instead, but changes His mind when Moses intercedes and reminds Him of Abraham’s Covenant, further showing us God’s character of love and justice.

Key Point

  • God leads the Israelites back to Mt. Sinai and reveals His presence to them. Israel is afraid, but Moses ascends and fellowships with God there.
  • God writes the Covenant’s legal terms for Moses and instructs him to build a portable sanctuary for Him on their journey to the Promised Land.
  • Moses talks with God 40 days, but Israel grows impatient and worships a golden calf.Then Moses breaks God’s tablets and 3,000 die in judgement.
  • Though God is disappointed in Israel, Moses reminds Him of Abraham’s covenant and pleads forgiveness. God listens and writes new stone tablets to give them.
  • Moses builds the Tabernacle as instructed. It is filled with symbolism reflecting the Garden of Eden.And God’s glory settles in the Tabernacle.

Talk About It

  • What jumped out at you or what are your thoughts?
  • What is keeping you from entering into Gods presence?
  • Do you have specific things in your life that you idol (referto Golden Calf)?
  • What do you need to change or work on in your life this week?

Helpful Resources

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