Fields of Faith is a student led event. Students invite, pray for, share with, and challenge their peers to read the Bible and follow Jesus Christ. The strength of this movement will be in the churches. Our message can be agreed upon by most of the evangelical denominations. What is that message? We are Christ-centered and Bible-based. The Bible is God’s Word and will guide you to a meaningful life if you follow it with all your heart, soul and mind, and Jesus is the only way to God. If the rally is viewed as a one denomination event, it will be severely limited. This is one of the reasons why we suggest that no youth ministers or pastors speak at the event if possible. We want the rally to be neutral in its location and program. There needs to be an attempt to promote the rally with all Christian churches.

Join us at the field for free hot dogs and find out more about how you can make an impact at Fields of Faith.

Bastrop Erhard Stadium
1106 Pecan Street
Bastrop, TX 78602

October 9, 2019 6:00
6:00 pm — 7:00 pm

Bastrop Erhard Stadium