Earlier this year, the Justin site was blessed with a young lady named Caylie, who was eager to volunteer. As a part of her school curriculum, she was required to complete service work in her community. She heard about Feed the Need Missions through her church and wanted to get involved.

Many seniors serve through their high school program, like Caylie, for service work with Feed the Need Missions. We appreciate the out pour of seniors that choose to complete their service hours by serving with us.

Caylie started to come to the site and help out, and became an official volunteer in February after completing the online orientation. Since then, she has been faithful to lend a hand, pray with others, offer her home and recruit family members to participate in this mission.

Congratulations to Caylie and the Class of 2020. In the fall, Caylie will attend The Culinary Institute of America to pursue a degree in Food Business Management and Culinary Arts. We are so proud of her accomplishments and other senior graduates.

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Summer is here so swap out those winter boots for a pair of comfy flip flops. Winter feels like a distant memory at this point, so it’s time to dust off your picnic blankets, pack a snack and head to the park with your family. Even the nights are warmer, so this is the perfect season for stargazing.

But wait, are you wondering whether the Spring and Summer months will bring some kind of break from the COVID-19 coronavirus? Well, if transmission of this virus does go down after early June, it’s not just the heat, it’s the humidity that could make a difference. And that may include not only the humidity outdoors but also the humidity in indoor locations like the grocery store, the hospital, and your home.

Whatever your summer plans are, Feed the Need Missions will continue to serve and be there for you. Our prayer is your family stays safe and healthy this summer.

Since COVID-19 pandemic began, we have faced the challenge of figuring out how to continue serving in our communities. Safety has been a priority and our team at Feed the Need Missions has been working around the clock to make sure no one in our community gets left behind.

Zulma and her kids are just one of the families we have been able to serve each week. “Both of my kids are in Head Start and my youngest daughter has really bad asthma and she gets very sick easily. I lost both of my jobs and income because of no one working,” she told us. “You guys have been a resource for my family in helping us get through this.”

The need is even greater during this time with job losses and children out of school. That’s why we are asking if you are able too, can you commit to giving monthly?


Did you know?

On average each Feed the Need Missions community needs $2,500 in monthly pledges to cover all costs. That means all we need is 125 people from each community to commit to giving $20 a month to cover all costs for that community.

Plus, right now for a limited time, when you sign up to give $20 or more monthly, we will send you a free t-shirt as a thank you for partnering with us. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

As Shawna was trying to formulate her words about how Feed the Need Missions has helped her grow she realized that it was in so many different ways and that the impact was far greater than she thought. “I’m a single mom and have been coming to the Justin site for awhile and it has helped me by providing a meal for my children so are monies can stretch a little farther,” she said.

When asked how Feed the Need Missions has helped her personally she said “Because of you guys I have more confidence in myself. You have helped me understand more of what walking out my faith and being a Christian is. I am now serving and have a leader role at the site which I never thought I would be able to do and I can! We all can,” she said.

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Feed the Need Missions has brought Tonie and her family lots of joy. Being a mom of two little girls, one on the way, and married, her family is able to serve together. “We’ve been able to teach our girls about giving to others and also for them to not have a fear of talking and praying with people.” Tonie said.

Being involved in the community is important to Tonie, but what is most important is God and teaching her children to love others. “We are God’s children and we need to take care of each other mentally, physically and spiritually. Feed the Need Missions allows us to serve together and build relationships in the community. I love the simplicity of it.” she said.

Feed the Need Missions’ ministry is simply to feed people. We provide a hot meal on a weekly basis in communities across Texas. This weekly meal allows us to build long-lasting relationships and proclaim the love and message of Christ. Be a legacy like Tonie and get involved today!

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It’s an uncertain time for so many of us. Illness, social distancing, job loss, new school protocols, pay cuts, lost loved ones … this list goes on. Now, more than ever is the time to hit our knees in prayer. Prayers are needed for our kids, our schools, our healthcare system, our families, our government, our country, our world…and moms. As we get closer to Mother’s Day let’s pray specifically for our moms.

Heavenly Father, Our moms are tired. You see the demands of their days. You know the demands of their family and of their work. And Jesus, You hear the cry of their heart. You know the exhaustion of mind, body, and spirit’s more intimately than even they know.

Jesus, I ask that you revive them right now. We know you give power to the faint, and increase strength to those who have no might.

Give them rest, Father — physical, emotional, and spiritual — so they can serve and love more abundantly. Your Word says to come to you, all who are weary and you will give them rest. Give them your yoke and wrap your loving arms around their soul, for their burden is light.

Help the lovely moms to learn from you, Jesus – you know the need to be alone and rest. Now Lord, help the moms to make time for this and recognize the opportunities you’ve provided.

Father, I thank you for your love and understanding and I put my trust in you right now. I thank you for your promises and praise you for your goodness!

In the peaceful name of Jesus, Amen.

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