Staff Team Update: Nichole Garner

When you think of answered prayers, what comes to your mind? For us at Feed the Need Missions it has come in the form of someone special. We are so proud to announce that God not only brought us a new Office Manager, but went beyond our expectations and brought someone with experience and a heart for the Mission! Here is a short message from Nichole:

My name is Nichole Garner. My family became affiliated with Feed the Need Missions about six years ago. We began with this organization serving as Site Coordinators for the Smithville location when it was on Sunday evenings. My husband, Tim, my two children, Anna and Luke, and I, served this Smithville community for four years. Our prayer was to find a place that we could serve as a family…and God answered that prayer with Feed the Need Missions.

Serving with this organization gave us an opportunity to be God’s hands in a community of people that were, not only hungry, but hurting. The people were extremely grateful for a free meal, but more so, they came every Sunday to have someone to listen, cry, laugh, hug, share God’s word and pray with them. What they didn’t know was that they were blessing us just as much as we were blessing them. God did amazing things at the Smithville site during this time and my family and I got to witness it.

Powerful prayers were being answered; relationships were mending as new ones were forming; addictions were being overcome; and people were finding Jesus. Feed the Need Missions gave us the opportunity to walk along side people as God changed them drastically. So AMAZING!

I am so excited to be back with Feed the Need Missions, currently working as the new Office Manager and once again serving at the Smithville site. Since I began serving again in Smithville, I have seen a lot of new faces, but some familiar as well. I love seeing how God has continued to work in this community and has brought me back to be a part of it. What a blessing!”

Welcome back Nichole. We are grateful to the Lord for bringing you back into the Mission!

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