It’s easy to do what we’ve always done. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is all too familiar. Change can be incredibly hard, and stepping out into the unknown is often unnerving. 

Just six months ago, I was on staff at a church in the southeastern corner of Iowa making plans to launch a mutli-site campus for a growing church. I had a carefully thought-out plan for the next several years concerning my position and the church’s growth.  I’ll spare you the details, but it was a really good plan.  Just before we got into the thick of planting, my wife, Lindy, thought it would be good to recharge with folks we knew would encourage us and pray over us, and rest a little before we kicked into full-blown church planting busyness. So, in late February, we made a trip to Texas to visit our faith family and close friends.  The trip was amazing and we got far more than we had hoped for!

One evening towards the end of our visit Lindy asked, “We’re moving back to Texas aren’t we?” “No way,” I told her. “We’re planting a church in Iowa,” I reassured. The visit had been an incredible time to recharge. I felt more confident in my giftings and how God would use them in Iowa. Little did I know God was putting into motion a new plan. The problem was it did not align with my carefully crafted plan. 

After a couple weeks, God began to stir within my heart. I even found myself wrestling with the decision I had already made and was set on following through with. I was planting a new church and that’s the end of it!!! It was not the end of it, however.  Cue dark billowing clouds rolling in and lightning strike. Ok, so it wasn’t quite that dramatic—but the Lord did remind me, 

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but the Lord’s decree will prevail.—Proverbs 19:21

Now the hard part. In my pride I felt foolish. I was leaving the church at a critical time as the launch was happening. How would that look?  I was moving my family back to Texas away from the family we moved to be closer to in the first place. In all His goodness, God revealed I was more concerned about how others would perceive this transition than my obedience to His calling for myself and my family. Pride is a tricky beast. Kick it in the pants, repent, and prepare to live in the fullness God intends for us. 

The question I have to ask you is this: Are you willing to move as the Lord leads? Are you willing to step back from the comfort of the familiar? Is God calling you do something hard or maybe bigger than you can seemingly handle? When we move in accordance with the Holy Spirit, we often get a front row seat to see the beauty of God’s work unfold before us. What’s holding you back? 

About the Writer
Hi, I’m Jace Allen! I’m the newest staff member to join Feed the Need Missions team.  Actually…I’m back, y’all!  For those of you who don’t know, I had the privilege of serving on staff with Feed the Need Missions from 2017-2019. My wife Lindy, my son Jax, and my daughter Piper made it back to Texas the first part of June. I cannot adequately express how overjoyed we are to be back and serving with Feed the Need Missions! God is on the move.  He’s always on the move and we are honored to be a part of His work. We can’t wait to see Jesus continue to transform lives in the communities in which we serve. 
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  1. Jean Ulmer
    Jean Ulmer says:

    The above story was inspiring. -Not to be doubtful or afraid or look for reasons to not follow through with a life’s phase that seems impossible to imagine or far far from what is comfortable and yes attainable. While walking through your personal, unchartered path with God, it’s okay to voice doubts, that stem from questions, while developing unchartered baby steps on this new path to more sure footedness to greet the end of your journey, where ever that may be in your foreseeable future. Thank you.


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