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The Right Stuff: What Makes a Great Site Coordinator

For Feed the Need Missions, recruiting superstar leaders is serious business—especially when it comes to the site coordinator position. In considering a potential leader, we look for three important qualities, taken from Patrick Lencioni’s book The Ideal Team Player.


  •  willing to listen to others
  • doesn’t have a big ego
  • wants to see the team succeed
  • says “we” more than “I”


  • desire to learn and grow
  • motivation to advance career
  • readiness to take on new projects and opportunities
  • wired to work hard


  • technical skills for the job and people skills
  • people skills /emotional intelligence
  • works well with others
  • self-aware
  • knows how their words and actions can impact others on the team

Site coordinators are the main leaders for the site teams. These have to be so well-rounded because they do it all: they recruit, equip, disciple, oversee, encourage, and develop as they serve in this administrative role. And they are tasked with surrounding themselves with gifted, dedicated individuals that can fill the various lead roles for a site.

Change Coming to the Newark Site

Scottlan and Ronnette Stewart have been the site leaders at the Newark Feed the Need Missions site since its launch in 2018. “In that time, Scottlan has done an incredible job building relationships, coaching churchgoers toward stepping in to active disciple-making in the field. “It’s one of the most special aspects about this site,” shares Feed the Need Missions President Jonah Beyer.

Recently, Scottlan took a new job and made a move further away from the site. It has become increasingly difficult for him to make to the site each week. Being in he midst of such a big transition for his family, he has realized it might be the right time to pass the torch to a new site leader. “Thankfully, he’s done a great job of raising up leaders,” Jonah said. So, the staff team and the Stewarts began to prayerfully seek out who could step up as the new Site Coordinator.


The Search for a New Leader

When it came to selecting a new site leader, the challenge was that there were so many invested and skilled volunteers to choose from.

  • Larry Naugle, for example. Larry has totally embraced the vision of Feed the Need, and makes a full outreach ministry out of doing the shopping for the site.
  • Dennis Wayne, who is an elder of his church, attended a training last fall and has quickly become a key team player. He has already expanded the team, inviting Dana, who spent his life doing door-to-door evangelism, to serve.
  • Dana McNights, who has had to step back from his ministry due to knee issues, has been thrilled to have place to serve in his area of passion. “I can’t tell you how much this fills my heart. I can’t go door to door like I used to, but now the cars are coming to me!”

While because of her unassuming humility she wasn’t the most obvious choice, the team came to the unanimous conclusion that Edie Lieblang was just the person to take the helm. Edie attended the very first Newark training and has been serving since the site began meeting. She has been a consistent presence, she loves the people in the community, and she’s administrative. “I’ve watched her grow personally and I see how she’s risen to the challenge of sharing the gospel herself. I think the opportunities she’s had with Feed the Need Missions have helped her grow perfectly into this role,” Jonah said.

A New Team for Newark

With so many great leaders to choose from, it became clear that God was orchestrating more than a single position for Newark, but rather an entire team. As Edie transitions to the Site Coordinator position, Dana will become the Guest Experience coordinator, Dennis will become the volunteer experience coordinator, and Larry will become the Equipment Manager. Because of their incredible and varied skills, it made sense to ask Larry, Dennis and Dana to fill leadership positions in an official capacity as well.

What an incredible testament to Scottlan and Ronnette’s leadership to have replicated so many leaders for this season. We are so thankful for the investment they have made and the groundwork they have laid at the Newark site location. And we are thrilled to see what will happen with this amazing new leadership team stepping into place.

Interested in Becoming a Leader with Feed the Need Missions?

It is so exciting to watch God build and assemble new teams. It’s incredible to watch leaders replicate new leaders and support one another as they serve together. And there’s always room for one more!

We are always on the search for leaders who are humble, hungry and smart. Are you looking for ways to share the Gospel? Are you passionate about serving your community? About growing teams and discipling hearts? Come visit one of our site locations. Reach out to our team. We’d love to connect and serve alongside you!

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