Site Story Bastrop North: Rebecca & Gil

As COVID continues to make its way through our communities it have given our volunteers more time to spend with individuals and families while they are sitting in their vehicle waiting to be served food, and even some on foot. Rebecca said, “ We pray with people and chat with them as much as we can.”

Summer is here and can be a hindrance to everyone we serve. “I can’t imagine living on the streets with the heat and not knowing what to do,” she said. “Gil who has been on and off the streets is having a lot of medical issues, especially with his heart and his doctor is concerned with being on the streets in the heat.”

Our Bastrop North site is now cooking on site and continue to serve “to-go” style. Rebecca has been able to witness more to Gil and pray for him while she serves him and serves with him. She’s been spending more time walking with him during his health crisis. “Pray for our friend. I am thankful to be able to serve and to be there for him,” she said.

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  1. Amy Thomas
    Amy Thomas says:

    Rebecca and her Feed The Need team are an amazing group of people. Gil, too, is a precious soul. The moment I met him, I could see how brightly his soul shines. My thoughts and prayers go out to Gil, Rebecca, Feed The Need, and all of our friends who need to see and feel the love of God where they live.


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