Pray & Reflect With Us: Summer with COVID-19

Summer is here so swap out those winter boots for a pair of comfy flip flops. Winter feels like a distant memory at this point, so it’s time to dust off your picnic blankets, pack a snack and head to the park with your family. Even the nights are warmer, so this is the perfect season for stargazing.

But wait, are you wondering whether the Spring and Summer months will bring some kind of break from the COVID-19 coronavirus? Well, if transmission of this virus does go down after early June, it’s not just the heat, it’s the humidity that could make a difference. And that may include not only the humidity outdoors but also the humidity in indoor locations like the grocery store, the hospital, and your home.

Whatever your summer plans are, Feed the Need Missions will continue to serve and be there for you. Our prayer is your family stays safe and healthy this summer.

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