Everyone’s affected by what’s happening right now with COVID-19, and we know that the face of those affected is going to change over time. But right now, the efforts that Feed the Need Missions are for those that are hungry and needing spiritual filling. We serve many families in our communities through a hot meal, and will continue.

Site Coordinator Jack Gilmore mentioned “All but four cars asked for prayer. People are hurting and confused on what’s happening. We needed to be there to comfort them,” he said. “We had a guy who pulled up and handed me money, he didn’t want food he just wanted to thank my team for being out there and encouraged us to keep going.”

Since the outbreak started our organization has mobilized volunteers to serve to-go bags to those who come to a site. Local restaurants are partnering with us to help feed people in need for the interim because food shortage in our feeding areas. We appreciate those who have come along side of us to continue to serve those in need.

Feed the Need Missions is following the guidelines from the CDC website. We will continue to serve as our government officials will allow.

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