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Meet A Volunteer: Keith

Keith has been serving at the Justin site for a little over a year. “I was brought up catholic and never really got into church after I grew up. I started using right out of High School. I was partying with family and friends until I was 25 years old. I put myself in rehab and I knew if I put myself there and could stay clean for the 2 weeks I was there, I could pull through,” Keith said.

After rehab he started working as a rancher and got saved seven years ago. He went all in for Jesus and decided it was best for him and his now ex wife and son to move to Texas for a better living environment. “The passion that God was showing me was so overwhelming I needed to listen to where He wanted me to go, so we went,” he said.

Keith heard about Feed the Need from Josh, who is a leader at the Justin site. Josh is also a leader in celebrate recovery where Keith is a part of too. “He told me about Feed the Need Missions on and off for a year or so. Things happened in Bridgeport and doors got closed so I moved to Denton. When I moved I got involved with Feed the Need Missions. I can now share my testimony of using drugs for 10 years, to the person I am today,” he said with excitement.

“I love Feed the Need Missions. I think people should come and experience it too, and get involved,” Keith said. “The smile on kids face and being able to pray with people and cry with people when they are struggling is what it’s all about, just being there like Jesus would.”

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