As parents and children were standing around at the sites talking about going back to school, I overheard a conversation of a mother who was nervous about sending their kids off to school this year. “There’s so much going on in this world, you never know when our schools will be next” she said. She has three girls and two boys who will be attending school this year.

Most parents I’m sure feel the same way. As August draws to a close, the minds of parents turn to all-things back-to-school. This time of year can definitely be filled with anxieties but it can also be an exciting time too. In honor of back to school, we asked a few families to share how they feel about going back:

“Life always brings its challenges whether your in school or out of school”– Mike

“My boys are strong enough to make it a good year and I believe they will. I am very involved in their schooling and I do believe that plays a big part in it.”– Philip

“I’ve been teaching for 18 years and each year brings it’s own challenges, but I have faith in God to get us through.”– Miss Garcia

“I’ve never had any issues with the schools here. I think our school system does its best with what it has to work with. Of course we can fear the unknowns, but that takes up to much brain power. So I just keep moving forward and hope for the best.”– Annette

“I love my school and all my teachers. Sometimes kids can be mean but it’s a part of life.”– Pablo

As a community we need to serve our schools. There are countless opportunities available to get more involved. Visit your locals schools webpage to find out how you can stay involved and make a difference in the lives of our educators and students.

And pray. Every single day. Pray.

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  1. Henning Dublin
    Henning Dublin says:

    I have been experiencing demonic activity in my life for roughly 2 years now. I’m hoping that this will be removed from my life immediately. I hear demonic voices as well. I ask that this all stop in Jesus name

  2. Henning
    Henning says:

    I have some very important decisions I need to make about housing as well as transportation and the individual I’m dating. I have huge financial burdens that are causing extreme hardship to my life. I really need some perspective from the Lord.

  3. Henning
    Henning says:

    Father I pray that you would enlighten me to the woman You want me to be with. I pray that this would become abundantly apparent. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  4. Henning
    Henning says:

    Father pray that you would bless me with health and healing. I pray that an abundance of your goodness would fill my life. I pray that you would straighten all the crooked paths in the relationship I have with my girlfriend. In Jesus name I pray Amen


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