Pray & Reflect With Us: Thankful

Written by Christy Beyer

As I was sitting and reflecting how thankful I am, I realized I  mess this grace and gratitude thing up daily with all my distractions. I’m distracted and side-tracked, self-serving, self-seeking and so very undeserving. At the very least, I can offer up my humble thanks, my appreciation. The simplest prayer of gratitude for this Thanksgiving.

“Thank you for the hard moments, when I’m at the end of me, because only then do I see even more of You. Thank you for the courage to do it again, to be faithful when it doesn’t feel like enough, and when it doesn’t feel like it makes a difference. Thank you for truth that is bigger than my emotions.
Thank you for faith that is bigger than fear.”

May we give thanks for courage and for hope. May we give thanks for grace and for faithfulness, for truth and for beauty. May we thank Him for tomorrows and whatever amount of health we have, and for the smiles we get to see today. May we thank Him for all things.

He is faithful, friends. Always faithful.

And the very least we can be is thankful.

As we celebrate the upcoming holiday, may we find even a few quiet moments to offer up our genuine thanks.

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