We’re excited to announce the start of a new location at Stony Point in Del Valle, Texas! This has been a site we have desired to start for a number of years, as it is an area that’s impoverished and has great needs.

Stony Point is located on the border of Bastrop and Travis Counties and is a neighborhood in Del Valle, however it is a somewhat forgotten community with lots of poverty and several gangs who call this area home.

After lots of prayer and God leading the right people to use to cultivate relationships, the ground is fertile and the community is ready to receive us. The Mission U-Too Stony Point site officially started 4 weeks ago and has been growing ever since.

New Site Location: Stony Point | Mission U-Too

Gang members in their mid teens are even stopping by to get a hot meal. They enjoyed the meal so much they came through the line three times! They asked before leaving “are you really going to be here every Monday night?”

A local that runs and owns a little convenient store on the corner in Stony Point has said “we’ve been needing this for a number of years. I’ve tried helping people out but I can’t do it by myself.” He’s grateful that we are there to help his community. Even with the little resources this store has, the owner has a huge heart to help. Every week he gives Mission U-Too bags of ice to keep our drinks cold.

New Site Location: Stony Point | Mission U-Too

Steven, a young boy who serves at this new location, waits for our arrival on Monday evenings. He serves until feeding time is over and then will take food back to his family. If there are any leftovers more food is sent to his family and he shares it with his neighbors as well. Steven has found a place that he can make a difference in his community.

Another volunteer, Gabriel, started cutting the grass and helps keep the area cleaned up. The grass has been overgrown and the park hasn’t been taken care of. It’s great to see the community coming out and helping serve with Mission U-Too but also shows care and respect of their community.

Persistence and consistency are key to our sites. Serving each location the same day every week at the same time builds trust and grows relationships. Larry White, one of our volunteers, said, “It’s been a great blessing and has refreshed my spirit to be able to serve in Stony Point. People are so grateful there and are surprised that we have kept our promise to be there.”

We are so excited to now be serving hot meals to the people who call Stony Point home. Mission U-Too will continue using the body of Christ to come together to serve communities across the country.

Stony Point meets every Monday night.

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