Irene’s Story

At Mission U-Too our mission is simply to feed people both physically and spiritually. Christ called us to meet our neighbor’s physical needs by providing a meal for them each week. Even more, He called us to share the message of Christ.

The burger is just the method, but the real change happens when people experience the love of Christ.


Meet Irene

“I am Irene and from Austin Texas. I was born in Florida and raised in Austin. These are my boys, Joaquin and Jonathan and they have Down Syndrome. My boys can be a challenge and they know that I can pick up the phone at anytime and call you guys for help. I have two other children and 8 grandkids. My grandkids saw Mission U-Too cooking out and ever since then I’ve been coming. Money is tight for our family so this has been a blessing. My boys were shy when they started coming and now they serve the community. “I don’t know who would take the time to feed so many people every week: cold, rain or shine, but you are always here.” “You have given me a lot of faith. If it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t know where I would be. You made me believe in God and have faith.” I have seen a lot of good changes at the Bastrop North location. There used to be a lot of fights and police around all the time. Ever since Mission U-Too started coming out here there hasn’t been a lot of fights. I am thankful for what you do and know where to come when I need prayer.”

feedtheneed-final2014-tiltWith your help, Mission U-Too will continue to feed the need and provide a safe place where people can receive a hot meal each week and be accepted as they are. Even further, your gift of $25, $50, or $100 will impact more lives with the gospel.

Thank you for giving today, and making a difference in the lives of families like Irene’s!

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