Serving without judgment

by Christy Beyer, Mission U-Too

Helen has been going to Mission U-Too Round Rock ever since we started. Helen has 3 boys and 1 girl. She’s married and lives in a trailer park. Her husband works off shores and comes home a few times a month. Helen caught my attention the first day I saw her. I sat with her family to get to know them more and to tell them about Mission U-Too. Helen has a huge heart for others. She will give her last egg in the refrigerator for someone to eat.

Helen had a rough up bringing. She shared stories with me that I couldn’t quite relate to because I never experienced what she did. She also ran away from home at a young age and lived on the streets. She even sold her body for money. She tells me “if I need something I know how to get it.” Helen got caught up in drugs and was running from God. Now Helen has a home and a family that loves her and a husband that treats her like his queen.

God brought Helen and her family to Mission U-Too to teach me a few things. One was don’t judge! All of my thoughts about her were negative and my thoughts were not even true. I saw a person on the outside and not on the inside. I am quick to judge people and the bible tells us God is our judge. The other lesson I learned was to love them where their at. I can’t change a person but Jesus can. Immediately because of me judging her I had a cold heart towards her.

Now, Helen and I talk every Saturday. We hug each other, and I pray for her and her family every Saturday. Helen no longer lives the lifestyle I thought she lived. Her heart is changing and God is going to do something in her life that no one can understand. I already see Him working in her because she is no longer a negative person. She’s become very loving and has opened up to me about her struggles and finances. Now she can say that all my bills are caught up even our trailer payment. She doesn’t know how it all happened, but I do. God is working! I’m excited to see what God is going to do in her and her families life and also how God is going to use her to teach me.

Helen also serves with us. If she’s not out talking to people she will be serving. Her children are also getting involved in serving the food. My heart is full of joy watching them serve their community!

Christy Beyer is Jonah’s wife and serves by his side every week she helps with mentoring the women and family’s that Mission U-Too touches.

Send Christy a note at christy.beyer@feedtheneed.org.

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