Look Back:

  • What was the one thing God was asking you to obey last week
  • What was your action plan to address this?
  • How did it go? What did you see God do or how did He speak to you?

Watch the video from us.


Review the notes below.

Look In:

God’s name has taken a winding path to get to us today. The main take-away from the video is that the Jewish scribes had such respect for God that they felt to write or even say His name would be disrespectful as we are not holy. So, they came up with a couple hybrids, including YAHWEH, used over 6500 times in the Bible, and ADONAI which have been combined to form JEHOVAH. These have been translated as the English LORD, not to be confused with Lord, which refers to a title a human (or entity other than THE LORD) holds; like master, king, boss.

Bonus: One thing to keep in mind is that other languages, especially those with middle eastern roots, have what is considered “high” language and “low” language. LORD would be high language and Lord would be low language. To use “Lord” to refer to THE LORD would be very disrespectful. Translation is important.

  • Is how we use God’s name important?
  • Does this little lesson on the word LORD tell us more about the third commandment?

Look Forward:

Point: God’s very name is holy and beyond our grasp in many ways, it demands similar respect.

  • Say this, “You shall Love the LORD your God.”
  • Now, based upon the definition of LORD we learned today; do you need to change your usage of God’s name in daily conversations?
  • How will you start or stop doing it, what is your action plan?

Pray for one another to do these things.

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