Luke-Acts: Week 10 Acts 21-28


Start with briefly reviewing all we’ve learned about Acts.

Last week we discussed Acts 13-20 about Paul being on mission and sharing the gospel everywhere he went. This week we will discuss the last part of this series in Acts 21-28. In the final video in our Acts series, we trace Paul’s final journey to Jerusalem and then into a Roman prison. But paradoxically, Paul’s suffering leads him into the heart of the Roman empire where he gets to announce God’s Kingdom over the nations.


Watch the video from us.


Review the notes below.

Paul is on his way back to Jerusalem after three years of teaching in Ephesus. He ends this third missionary journey by collecting an offering for the poor and destitute Christians who remained in Jerusalem in spite of the persecution they faced there. When Paul gets to Jerusalem he is arrested and kept in Roman custody for two years before being shipped off to Rome to stand trial before Nero. These chapters depict a man caught between two cultures…Jewish and Roman. God uses Paul in both cultures to accomplish His will.

Key Points:

  • Paul used opportunities not only to defend himself against unjust charges, but also to bear testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • At Philip’s house, a local prophet named Agabus tells Paul that he will be imprisoned and turned over to the Gentiles. Paul’s friends hear this and beg Paul not to go to Jerusalem.
  • Paul tells them no and that he’s ready to die if that’s what God needs him to do to spread the word.
  • Paul went to Jerusalem and everyone was excited to see him. He went to visit James and the elders. He gives them a full account of all the awesome things he’s done for the Gentiles in the name of Jesus.
  • Romans soldiers took him to help keep Paul safe. He got transferred to one court to another.
  • Paul left and took a boat to Rome.
  • He was taken to Rome and put under house arrest. In his house he could host Jews and non Jews and shared the Good Hope of Jesus.
  • Luke left the story open ended so the story of Jesus can still spread.

Talk About It:

  • What are some choices you can make this week to proclaim the gospel?
  • What should a Christians role be in our culture?
  • How does the Spirit use these accounts of Paul’s life in today’s video to challenge and inspire believers today?
  • Are there any areas of your life you can tweak to better reflect the gospel being lived out in the ordinary things you already do?
  •  What are some way you can demonstrate Christ’s love to others?

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