WITNESS: The Three Circles


Look Up:

We are going to learn and practice a very simple way to share the Gospel. It’s called “The Three Circles.” You will need something to write on and something to write with.

Watch video: The Three Circles


Look In:

Drawing the Three Circles

    • Everyone should grab a piece of paper and pen and watch the video one more time. As it is played, everyone follows along and draws “The Three Circles” on their paper.
    • When the video is finished, each person’s drawing should look just like the one at the end of the video. Help one another to complete the drawing as shown and if needed, play the video one more time.
    • Ministry leaders might go through “The Three Circles” one or two more times until everyone is able to draw it.
    • Next, each participant grabs a new piece of paper and with a partner shares “The Three Circles” with each other. It’s OK, and encouraged, to “cheat” by looking at previous drawings. Make sure each partner knows the meaning of each circle and the transition arrows in between.
    • Once everyone has shared with a partner, encourage one or two of the participants to share “The Three Circles” with the group.

Look Forward:

Faith without works is dead but works without words is like giving a blind man sight in a pitch-black cavern. He still needs a way out.

    • On your piece of paper, write the names of 10 people you know with whom you could share “The Three Circles?” (Having difficulty? Look at the contacts list on your phone!)
    • Pray over your list. Ask God to place two persons from your list on your heart and write their names.
    • Share “The Three Circles” with them this week and ask them which circle they are in.
    • If they are in the God-Circle, teach them how to do “The Three Circles” and help them make a list.
    • If they are in the Broken-Circle, ask them if they would like to TURN and be made NEW through God’s plan; Jesus.

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