Look Back:

  • What was a way you were acting like a Babylonian (defining for yourself good & evil)?
  • What step did you take this past week to sacrifice or resist it
  • How did it go? Did God bless you?

Look Up:

Watch this video from us.


Review the notes below.

When God first created the Garden of Eden, Heaven and earth existed within the same realm. Mankind dwelt with God in the garden, and the garden itself was a form of paradise. However, when mankind chose sin over God, the earth became a ruined and imperfect place. God’s realm, being perfect and purely holy, was no longer able to coexist within our realm, and Heaven and earth were driven apart. Thankfully, God had a plan to bring them back together.

The first reunions between Heaven and earth took place in the temple. Animal sacrifices were used to atone in part for the sin of mankind, creating a sort of “clean zone” where Heaven and earth could meet, and God could dwell with His people. We see this most clearly in accounts of the Holy of Holies – a place in the inner temple where God Himself resided and one that the high priests had to take the utmost care and precaution before entering. Temples and animal sacrifices, though, were only a temporary solution for reuniting God’s realm with ours. God’s permanent solution was His son, Jesus Christ. Everywhere on earth that Christ visited, He brought little pieces of Heaven with Him, and though mankind ultimately killed Him, His death created a permanent access point between Heaven and earth. Today, Christ intercedes on our behalf and allows us to approach the throne of God whenever we desire through prayer. Though Heaven and earth are still far from fully united, the two realms do overlap thanks to the death of Christ – the ultimate sacrifice that offers us the forgiveness and sanctification we must have in order to interact with God and the heavenly realm.

Look In: Discussion

  • Is Heaven real? How would you describe it?
  • How are the Genesis Garden of Eden and the Revelation City of God similar?
  • How we are able to interact with Heaven right now in this very moment?
  • What is our role in bringing Heaven & Earth together today?

Look Forward:

Until the day comes when we die and go to Heaven or Christ fully reunites Heaven and earth, we as Christians should all be doing our part to make the bond between Heaven and earth a little bit stronger.

  • Do you know for sure that when you die you will be united with God in heaven? Why?
    o If not, would you like to?
  • What can you do this week to bring heaven and earth closer together?
  • How will you do it? When, where and with whom?

Pray for one another to do this and be ready to share what God does with your obedience.

Helpful Resources

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