Why Train Volunteers?

Training is essential for maintaining consistency.

There are four levels of training designed to equip and empower volunteers to be effective in the Feed the Need Missions ministry. Each training level is facilitated by the Feed the Need Missions staff team and walked out by your Site Lead Team. These trainings aim to identify and nurture future leaders at each site.


The 4 Levels of Training

101 Volunteer Orientation

All Volunteers

Content: This online training includes a series of videos and necessary forms like the Volunteer Agreement and Release of Liability. It’s the first step in becoming an official Feed the Need Missions volunteer. Click here to view.

Outcome: After completing the training and serving at a Feed the Need Missions site, volunteers receive a Welcome Packet.


All Volunteers

Content: A three-hour session that provides a comprehensive understanding of site operations. This training covers site setup and delves into the mission, vision, and purpose of Feed the Need Missions.

Focus: Demonstrates how to use serving opportunities for sharing the gospel, making disciples, and effectively stewarding resources.

Purpose: Explains the rationale behind our methods.


Site Leadership

Content: Advanced leadership training for the Volunteer Leadership Team. This includes detailed training on Feed the Need Missions’ core values, utilization of the Site Cookbook, an overview of lead roles and their collaboration, and strategies for managing, recruiting, training, and delegating tasks.

Objective: Equips leaders to guide others in fulfilling the mission and pointing people to Jesus.


Site Coordinators / Missions Council

Content: Ensures Site Coordinators and the Area Missions Council thoroughly understand the operational design of sites and equips them to lead according to the vision God has provided.

Topics: Fundraising, partnerships, prayer focuses, measuring success, bylaws, and more. It also covers coordination among sites in their area with the staff team.

Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.

Proverbs 9:9