Table Talk is how Feed the Need Missions feeds hungry souls. Our interactive discipleship time takes place at our site locations every week, where we provide free meals for anyone who joins us.

Table Talk includes a practical, Gospel-centered devotion with discussion questions. Enjoy Table Talk for personal Bible study, share it with friends, or use it for a special Bible study time with your family. Even better, visit one of our sites for a free burger and join the conversation in person. We’d love to meet you!

A Note From Jonah Beyer, President at Feed the Need Missions

Welcome! If you are visiting this website from one of our sites today, I want to personally thank you for being our honored guest! It is our joy to serve our community. We do it to share the love of Jesus with you.

While I may not get to meet you personally this week, I hope you will connect with our volunteer team, share you story, and allow us to pray for you. Also, let me encourage you to keep coming back. We provide hot meals and spiritual encouragement every single week. You are welcome any time!



Reflection on Last Week’s Topic

Last week we learned the place where God and man can meet is the tabernacle, or temple. Jesus was that ultimate temple and as His followers, we can be a temple bringing man and God together in love and sacrifice.

PointAs Christians, until we die and go to Heaven or Christ fully reunites Heaven and earth, we should be doing our part to make the bond between Heaven and earth stronger.

  • How did you make the bond between heaven and earth stronger this past week (besides Feed the Need)? How did it go? Did God bless you?


Video Recap

  • Take out a piece of paper and pen. Watch the video and as it is played, follow along and draw “The Three Circles” on your paper.
  • When the video is finished, your drawing should look just like the one at the end of the video. If needed, play the video one more time.
  • Next, grab a new piece of paper and share “The Three Circles” with whoever is listening with you. It’s OK, and encouraged, to “cheat” by looking at previous drawings. Make sure each partner knows the meaning of each circle and the transition arrows in between.


Reflection & Application 

  • Which circle do you think you’re in?
      • If you are in the God Circle, make it a goal to teach someone how to do “The Three Circles” this week.
      • If you are in the Broken Circle, and you would like to TURN and be made NEW through Jesus, we would love to help! Let your server know or contact us.


Personal Response

PointFaith without works is dead but works without words is like giving a blind man sight in a pitch-black cavern. He still needs directions to get out of the darkness

On your piece of paper, write the names of 10 people you know with whom you could share “The Three Circles.” (Having difficulty? Look at the contacts list on your phone!)

Pray over your list. Ask God to place two persons from your list on your heart and write their names down.

  • Share “The Three Circles” with them this week and ask them which circle they are in.
    • If they are in the God Circle, teach them how to do “The Three Circles” and help them make a list.
    • If they are in the Broken Circle, ask them if they would like to TURN and be made NEW through God’s gift to us: Jesus.