Feed the Need Ending Hunger One Race at a Time

Facts About Hunger

Over 33 million Americans live in homes that experience periods of hunger or food insecurity.
13 million children live in these households.
The fastest growing segment of those relying on food banks and charitable food pantries are households with at least one adult working who have young children at home.
1 in 12 households in Massachusetts go hungry sometimes.
Food pantries, most of whom are staffed by volunteers and run on a food donation basis, face shortages on even basic supplies
There are 210,000 children living in poverty in Massachusetts.
A survey of food pantry clients in Connecticut revealed that 35% had to choose between paying for food or utilities.
33% had to choose between food or paying rent.
32% had to choose between food or medical care.
In Connecticut, 350,000 people are hungry or food insecure at some point during the year.
Of households receiving assistance in Connecticut, 27% have at least one employed adult.
One of Five children in Connecticut are hungry or at risk of hunger.